I started writing in this weblog after I graduated from college. I heard about blogs from my then grilfriend, who introduced me to the exquisite time wasting activity. The blog was on Blogger and then called Fun Time Tree House where I gained the nickname Funtime Ben.  I now have two blogs, this one and

Going back through the archives I’m amazed at how hilarious I thought my writing was. It’s wordy, overbearing, and often gramatically incorrect, but it was where I was at 24 so I guess it’s a part of me. You may also notice some strange characters in the body of posts. Things like "Hi there": That’s because of an old formatting system WordPress used to use in the olden days called “markdown”. I’ve been going through the archives and getting rid of it, but there is still a lot of it left, so pardon that as well.

Welcome to my time machine, hope you enjoy.