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  • Wig Up the Tree

    Wig Up the Tree

    V: “There is a wig in that tree!” Me: “Where’s the wig?” V: “Right there!” (Points with her middle finger at the tree) Me: “You mean the nest?” V: “Yeah!” (as though saying, “Of course, what else would I be talking about?”) 18 March 2023

  • My Dad’s Heart Surgery

    My Dad’s Heart Surgery

    No matter how you phrase it, heart surgery sounds big. Especially heart surgery, where they replace two valves and part of your aorta. Well, that sounds really big, and in reality, it is. There is no sugarcoating an operation of this magnitude. I find it difficult to confront what I feel. My dad went in…

  • The Spectre of Death

    The Spectre of Death

    My 6-year-old daughter, D, recently went with my wife, J, to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. A Christmas present for mother and daughter. Upon realizing she would not be going with them, my 3-year-old, V, began to cry inconsolably. I whisked her to the Subway as she cried for her mother. To lessen the hurt,…

  • Face paint by 3 year-old

    Face paint by 3 year-old

    I see your point, sir. I suggest a new strategy, R2. Let the Wookiee win. C-3PO

  • Andrea Zittel’s A-Z West

    Andrea Zittel’s A-Z West is a wonderful exploration of what you need to live.