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  • TJ & Dave on Radiolab

    TJ & Dave on Radiolab

    This week one of my favorite improv groups, TJ & Dave, are on my favorite podcast, Radiolab. It is fascinating. When TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi get on stage they introduce themselves, work the crowd a bit … and then, the lights go off. And when the lights come back on, they’re just standing there, staring at each…

  • The Levelator

    Do you have a podcast? Then you should really be using the free audio utility The Levelator. I spent many years trying to get my podcast audio to sound uniform and this utility does automatically.

  • BBC – Podcasts and Downloads – The Infinite Monkey Cage

    The Infinite Monkey Cage is a BBC podcast about science AND comedy. If you like Qi, you will like this program. Personally, this show gives my brain boners! (iTunes link)

  • TUTT 55: Back From The Dead

    Are you kidding me? A real honest to blog (joke!) Tracks Up The Tree? This must be some sort of mistake right? I mean… Funtime Ben and Just Josiah are dead right? Or are they? Yes, yes. Get it out now before you’ve heard the thing. It’s TUTT. Back again for yet another stretch. and…

  • A Few Problems and an Error Later

    So, the new show is up. It’s been up for a while. Unfortunately our podcast host LibSyn, who are normally very reliable, screwed up and the show could not be downloaded. This was both very frustrating and went unnoticed for 2 days. Needless to say, we’re very sorry that the show didn’t hit people ears…