All Alone Lyrics

This is the anatomy
of my broken heart. Broke – torn apart.
The shot, the sprint, and my false start
leaves me all alone.

So you’ve recaptured your college years,
under the weight of grown-up fears
the planes fly by, you hold back tears
you are all alone.

Did you find no questions?
Did you find no answers dear?
Did you find it’s all unclear
when you’re all alone?

The ruling class this monarchy.
The crown, this town – down to the sea.
The wasted papers of your pedigree
when you’re all alone.

So walk with me beneath bright stars,
Past poppy fields and unmarked cars.
Walk with me while we’re still ours,
and we’re all alone.


(as heard RIGHT HERE)


Sill Ours

Where do you put
these wasted whispers
that could have been said
these broken promises
that were broke
you gave them

Where does all the time go
while you watch the hands
that seem to go on

These are the days
that no one seems
to remember
to forget

We are
the universal do-gooders
who forget that good
is subjective
and as such
to tax, tariff
and interpretation

Walk with me
hand in hand
under the stars
while they are still ours.


Awake at 3AM

These are the wasted hours
between excitement and romance
between take out and gumption
by yourself
wishing your friends had more stamina
and LA weren’t so far away
these are the misspent days of my youth
that I wished I had spent
better spent
and unlike the past
used to intervene
in cigarettes and booze
I am the roadie
for my own life


All of This

I have tried to post half a dozen times, but it seems that this brain of mine is just too fractured to put cohesive thoughts down. The process of creating a narrative gone, I now look to other methods of communication. Following in the footsteps of one of my favorite people in the whole wide world I will publish some of my poetry until my head returns to a place that is suitable for public consumption.

All of This

You are, she said, all of this
it was apparent from her hips
meant more to her
than me

All of this?
poetic innuendo
for jackals with kangols
did           she
  expect to

with no bait

the buzz of the silence between us
a sweater too thickly knit
told of more statements

You are, she said, all of this

again expecting change
in my demeanor
my heart
or darting eyes
a second marinade to give strength to the last
bought with inflection
paved with cinematic urgency

but holes had been hued
from singular impulses
and water could not be kept in this bucket
without more buckets

the time
this place
had past
between these walls
which no longer stood
but were held


FedEx Haiku

I hate you FedEx
My new guitar held hostage
Toledo, OH


I am trying to understand you

bq. I am trying to understand you
the more I listen
more questions I have
I am trying to understand you
people and places of your life
still foreign to me
I am trying to understand you
although I seem to fit
I still feel tight sometimes
I am trying to understand you
You brilliant light
shimmering like hair blown against the sun
I am trying to understand you
to know your every thought
understand what your eyes say
I am trying to understand you
I know I will screw up again
but I am trying