There are a lot of things about me that you probably want to know. Unfortunately, I know me–so I don’t know what’s interesting to you – so I thought I would write down a list of things off the top of my head, based purely on what I can remember about myself.


  1. I was born in Spanish Harlem in New York City
  2. I went to public school all my life
  3. I was breastfed
  4. My mother is German and father is English
  5. They got married in the ’70s in England in jeans
  6. I was adorable as a child
  7. I was a fat kid
  8. I am dyslexic
  9. I am artsy
  10. I have problems asking for what I want

Things I love

  1. Burgers, except if you put them on an English Muffin. An abomination.
  2. I prefer beer to just about every other alcoholic beverage, let’s not get fancy here people
  3. Music that sounds like the person singing it isn’t pretending they can sing
  4. Blunt honesty. Tell me what you’re thinking, guaranteed I’ll make fun of it.
  5. Weird English comedies. The Goon Show? yup. I dig incoherent ramblings.
  6. Relationships that don’t work. Right?! How much do I love these!
  7. Comedy. Got into improvisation after college and it became a passion.
  8. Olden-timey words like 23 Skiddo
  9. Remembering how good fresh fruit can be. Right?! Who knew?
  10. Remembering what nature looks like.

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