JetBlue Long Beach

Sitting in the terminal of Long Beach Airport and there is a family of birds living in here. Really seems that JetBlue should make it a priority to get rid of these things. I don’t mean kill them, but maybe leave a door open at night? They fly around and god forbid you have food as these things are pretty pushy. In any case JetBlue, at least give them a bird feeder.


2 responses to “JetBlue Long Beach”

  1. Is it sad that I still check this site about monthly for a new TUTT?

  2. Even though this is late, what you didn't see was the rest of Long Beach.

    And be glad you didn't sir.

    For it is a cesspool of free birds (no pun intended.) Families in Long Beach are under the impression that these birds must be hungry so they feed them, endlessly. And then the birds just keep coming back again for more.