TUTT 55: Back From The Dead

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Are you kidding me? A real honest to blog (joke!) Tracks Up The Tree? This must be some sort of mistake right? I mean… Funtime Ben and Just Josiah are dead right? Or are they?

Yes, yes. Get it out now before you’ve heard the thing. It’s TUTT. Back again for yet another stretch. and you thought we abandoned you? PSHAW! You know the drill, it’s talk about not podcasting, Josiah, girlfriends, cats and a smidge of that old time indie music. Hope you guys enjoy.

Le songs:

  1. All The King’s Men by Wild Beasts on Two Dancers (2009)
  2. Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out by Mayer Hawthorne on A Strange Arrangement (2009)
  3. Crystalised by The xx on xx (2009)
  4. Hazy (Feat. William Fitzsimmons) by Rosi Golan on The Drifter & The Gypsy (2008)
  5. Forever performed by Julian Velard on Another Guy’s Songs (2009)

Oh and on the reals, the fruit basket is awesome, I am just bad with fruit. Thank you to the lovely person who sent the fruit basket.

Speaking of my girlfriends cat… I give you my hilarious girlfriend, writing about her cat eating plastic. When it rains it purrs.

I still got it!


14 responses to “TUTT 55: Back From The Dead”

  1. Good stuff. You need to add the track titles to the info or something—make it easy for me to buy these tracks.

  2. This is why I never deleted you from iTunes. No matter how often it told me I should.

  3. This just made my day. Its about god-damn time. Now keep it up.

    Listening now…

  4. Huzzah! Thanks for posting this, it brightened up my day-week. Now back to paycuts and layoffs with 16hr days….

    This is exactly what my 24 hour study session needed to break it up the monotony!

    I knew I kept you in there for a reason:)

  6. iTunes laughed at me, too, but I guess we know who can be counted on, hah? Who will faithfully weather the storm, brave the slings and arrows, keep hope alive? That's right. Eight of us.

  7. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Whoa! I remember this show! Good stuff Benny! Way to keep it alive. (Y'know…. the NYC Marathon is coming up… do I sense a "bloody-nipples" reunion show? Hmmmmm? XO.

  8. YEAH!! Great to hear you guys again! Just Great!


    I literally just updated my ipod yesterday after not having listened to a podcast in nearly a year and what do i get? I GET A SLICE OF UP THE TREE PIE THATS WHAT I GET.


    Great show m'lud, keep it up :D

  10. You have listeners! I've been listening for years and your show has provided me with laughs and tunes in Philly, DC, Rome, and now Vermont. Thanks and keep them coming!

  11. welcome back funboy

  12. Ben,

    Yes, you Ben Casablancas!

    I deleted your feed a while back, but I do read the news every day. I heard about your return to the scene and decided to resubscribe.

    Truth be told, I have always loved you. You bring fun and great music into my life.

    I don't really care who you hang out with, or who your girlfriend at the moment is… that being said – Love to Eliza and her cat who eats plastic :-)

    It's you I desire. Stay on the air. I won't fuck with your personal livelyhood… and won't try to steal your girlfriend. Just stay on.

    I will listen to everything you put out. A dedicated fan.

    1. That is the coolest thing I have ever read. Thanks for enjoying the show! Honest. TUTT will never die.