A Changing Life

It is truly interesting the way that my life has changed in the last few years and as I continue to think about how I have grown, I realize I have neglected parts of my life in exchange for other parts. Like this journal, for example, has been here since I graduated from college, or shortly thereafter, and I rarely look at it now. This is a shame because I often wish I had a place I could write down my thoughts. Where is my diary? Not really sure, but I kind of feel I should be recording this stuff somewhere.


One response to “A Changing Life”

  1. Shannon Avatar

    Dear Funtime Ben,
    I keep checking back here for new episodes of Tracks Up The Tree every once in a while. Today, I happened to notice the release of the new Viva Voce album, and I immediately knew that I had heard of them somewhere, and then I realized: Tracks Up The Tree. It was the very first episode.
    When I got my first i-Pod at 13 and was able to indulge my burgeoning music obsession and I heard of podcasts, I found the baby version of Tracks Up The Tree. It was awesome (still is), it was one of the best ways I got new music and it was funny as fuck. I miss it. Listening to all the old episodes isn’t as fun as it used to be. Please, please, please try for a new one! Heck, I’d even send you the songs!