Dear People Who Suck,

The other night I was at a bar in Queens for a friends birthday party. I was my usual jovial self and was making rounds saying hello to strangers and such when I sat down next to my friend. We got to catching up and then all of a sudden some guy, a friend of my friend, sits down next to us. I knew immediately I didn’t like him. He was shifty eyed and seemed for lack of a better word like he was trying to impress by pointing out all the ways he could be violent to people who had crossed him.

For all those keeping score out there, I do not enjoy people like this and more so because well quite frankly he sounded like an asshole. My friend then mentioned that my wonderful girlfriend was moving in with me at the beginning of April. This is when, I will call him Turd, Turd decides to go on a tirade on how women are terrible and suck the life out of you.

“Oh, don’t do that. If I could take back my relationship I would.”

This post is to express to all of you people who feel the need to put your horrible relationships, the relationships you are in because you are a weak and incapable of being proactive in your life, on us people with relationships that work. While he was going off about how women are terrible, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am to actually like my relationship. If it’s so bad Mr. Turd, why the hell are you in it? RIGHT?!

And so I speak to all you people out there look at your relationships and if you hate them, either fix them or leave them, but don’t put your relationship on other people because quite frankly it makes you sound sad. I have news for you, relationships,marriages , and friendships should make you feel great, not horrible. But some people have lost sight of that fact. So I urge you all to say, next time you are around someone is is bringing you down…

“Dear people who suck,

No thank you.

Someone who doesn’t”


One response to “Dear People Who Suck,”

  1. I liked your story about the asshole and every bar usually has one. But, there was only one thing I didn't hear in your story was the word love, there was like but never the word love. If you are going to put your self out there and enter into an relationship, wouldn't there be love involved? Just asking! Thanks for letting me comment.