F-in Scary

Your Daily Horoscope – SAGITTARIUS
May 3, 2007

Females in your immediate environment appear to thwart, interfere, demand, or simply be unreasonably uncooperative toward you. Other people’s idiosyncrasies, personalities, prejudices, or subjective judgments grate against you at this time also, especially when they clash with your own.

This is so right on it’s scary. I want a pacifier and some chocolate!


11 responses to “F-in Scary”

  1. bogota fria Avatar
    bogota fria

    I come to upthetree.com everyday to find out why you have not put up another podcast.i feel like the needy girl waiting for her fuck buddy to reply her sappy email where she says “i love you” for the first time.
    give me my podcast!!!!!!!

  2. A cat may look at the Queen

  3. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    That's my horoscope too. There's a show floating around there somewhere maybe as well.

  4. what female is not interfering, thwarting, or being simply unreasonably uncooperative at ANY time?

  5. So I come back to this site everyday and I leave dissappointed. Do you know why, I bet you do, yup, no podcast. Make one please. Thank you.

  6. Ben, that’s ALWAYS my horoscope. LOL

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  8. Jackson (Formerly Miserable in FL) Avatar
    Jackson (Formerly Miserable in FL)

    “Where’s the Podcast?”

    (in the old lady voice, from the “Where’s the Beef?” Wendy’s commercials in the 80’s.

    Ref: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ee/Wheres_the_beef_commercial.jpg

    All my favorite shows are SERIOUSLY slackin’

  9. Hey Ben,

    New show in the works? This sounds great! Hey the link for the show on the home page says 21 Jul….?
    Is this an old show I missed or what Just Josiah was talking about? Hope to hear from you guys soon.

  10. Jackson (Formerly Miserable in FL) Avatar
    Jackson (Formerly Miserable in FL)

    This world could use some more tracks up the tree.

    Seriously, the music podcast situation really stinks right now. WHYME have quit, IOYH is constantly on hiatus… and you (y’all?!) are no where to be found.