TUTT 51: F-in’ Broken Foot

Josiah’s been bugging me to put it up, so here it is: a new post. Since Josiah is so excited – why doesn’t Josiah do the notes?

I urge you all to bug him… constantly.

Funtime Ben
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UPDATE: Just Josiah Adds links! Holy Crap!

“I Get Around” from Dragonette off the album ROBOPOP
“Living a Lie” by Aqueduct from their album OR GIVE ME DEATH
“Wet & Rusting” by artist Menomena on album FRIEND AND FOE
“Bonsai Tree” off the album LIGHTNESS by Peter & The Wolf
Off the album DISCO ROMANCE, Sally Shapiro’s song “I Know”
From Mew off the album FRENGERS, “Snow Brigade”
From Blonde-Redhead off the album 23, the song with the same name.

I realize those aren’t ALL the songs we played. Linked are the one’s I know. We were a bit tipsy and didn’t give the band name and song title for EVERY song. So to make up for it, more fun links:

Best Commercial Ever

Pure Bliss

Smurfs Vs. Peter and the Wolf

There. I’ve made my contribution.
Just Josiah


25 responses to “TUTT 51: F-in’ Broken Foot”

  1. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    I will do anything for you, Benny Ol’ Boy. You crazy gimp you! I forgot how to log onto this site however.

  2. How dare you Josiah, do some work for a change!! :P

  3. Happy In the Northea Avatar
    Happy In the Northea



    Long time, no listen!

  4. Brick Top Avatar
    Brick Top

    Aooooowwwww! Thanks for a show.

  5. Shannon Avatar

    YAY new show! Josiah, i demand show notes.

  6. jessica Avatar

    what band is the second last song by?

    totally the best song of the show & totally left out !

  7. People are listening, believe it or not. K@eep the shows coming.

  8. jessica Avatar

    nevemind… peter & the wolf. stupid question.

  9. Yeah, Ben! Where's the video of you falling backwards?

  10. where’s the video of ben falling backwards?!

  11. bogota fria Avatar
    bogota fria

    WHERE IS SISTER AMY!???????????????? too much testosterone on this show.. 3 guys is tooo much!!!!
    love the music.
    well greetings from the south… :)

  12. Shit! It's still not working. Help me, please. I don't use iTunes, btw.

  13. Am I stupid? How do I listen to the show? You guys use to put up a mp3 download button. HELP!

  14. Nevermind I see the “P.S” note now.

  15. deShion Avatar

    when will we get to hear episode 49?

  16. People still like the Beetles & Bob Dylan.

  17. I really like the fact that yoy played som mainstream danish music on your show. Allthough I'm not a fan of Mew its still nice to hear some danish music being recognized on a show like yours :)
    Great show… Keep it up guys!

  18. Awesome hot hot show

    I'll have to listen to this one a couple of times because the music is so good.

    Keep it up.

  19. Btw… Mew is a band not a single person :)

  20. SaltyBlue Avatar

    Josiah, I am pretty sure the saying goes, "firing on all pistons." But then again, without Ben you seem to go into a bit of a disarray.

  21. Another sexy show, now can we have number 49 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. yes I listened 4 times already. More grammer lessons please. Is it 'that' or 'which' ?

  23. Jonathan Avatar

    Is the band named MENOMENA said 'Men-o-mena' as Ben suggested, or 'Meh-nah-meh-nah' (like the Muppets song) as I had always thought…..?

  24. awomanda Avatar

    its the muppet song, i just saw them and they introduced themselves as ‘Meh-nah-meh-nah’

  25. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    When the hell are you guys gonna get your shit together and do another SHOW ALREADY?!