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TUTT 51: F-in’ Broken Foot

Josiah’s been bugging me to put it up, so here it is: a new post. Since Josiah is so excited – why doesn’t Josiah do the notes?

I urge you all to bug him… constantly.

Funtime Ben
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UPDATE: Just Josiah Adds links! Holy Crap!

“I Get Around” from Dragonette off the album ROBOPOP
“Living a Lie” by Aqueduct from their album OR GIVE ME DEATH
“Wet & Rusting” by artist Menomena on album FRIEND AND FOE
“Bonsai Tree” off the album LIGHTNESS by Peter & The Wolf
Off the album DISCO ROMANCE, Sally Shapiro’s song “I Know”
From Mew off the album FRENGERS, “Snow Brigade”
From Blonde-Redhead off the album 23, the song with the same name.

I realize those aren’t ALL the songs we played. Linked are the one’s I know. We were a bit tipsy and didn’t give the band name and song title for EVERY song. So to make up for it, more fun links:

Best Commercial Ever

Pure Bliss

Smurfs Vs. Peter and the Wolf

There. I’ve made my contribution.
Just Josiah

25 replies on “TUTT 51: F-in’ Broken Foot”

I will do anything for you, Benny Ol’ Boy. You crazy gimp you! I forgot how to log onto this site however.

what band is the second last song by?

totally the best song of the show & totally left out !

WHERE IS SISTER AMY!???????????????? too much testosterone on this show.. 3 guys is tooo much!!!!
love the music.
well greetings from the south… :)

Am I stupid? How do I listen to the show? You guys use to put up a mp3 download button. HELP!

I really like the fact that yoy played som mainstream danish music on your show. Allthough I'm not a fan of Mew its still nice to hear some danish music being recognized on a show like yours :)
Great show… Keep it up guys!

Josiah, I am pretty sure the saying goes, "firing on all pistons." But then again, without Ben you seem to go into a bit of a disarray.

Is the band named MENOMENA said 'Men-o-mena' as Ben suggested, or 'Meh-nah-meh-nah' (like the Muppets song) as I had always thought…..?

its the muppet song, i just saw them and they introduced themselves as ‘Meh-nah-meh-nah’

When the hell are you guys gonna get your shit together and do another SHOW ALREADY?!

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