TUTT, Where Have You Gone?

It’s one of those sad truths that you can only juggle so much in your life… And juggle I do, with my improv training, working, and socializing my time is all but evaporated. My personal life is a disaster, my health is failing, and tracks up the tree… well you know how that’s been going.

Sadly this has been the happiest I’ve been in months.

What this all means for you is that the future of TUTT is a little in the air. I don’t want to stop recording and I’m not, but I have no time for the show right now. I don’t want to keep you all in limbo, but it’s all I got right now. I really adore all of you wonderful TUTTers and hope this isn’t a deal breaker.

Congratulation on the new baby, house, tribal tattoo, or computer. If that doesn’t cover it, let me know.


15 responses to “TUTT, Where Have You Gone?”

  1. what a sad/happy post.

  2. Long time listener, first time poster. I'm not going to do the typical "I hope everything's ok!" bloggy post. Just wanted to let you know that you've consistently entertained my lady and me. I'll look forward to a new TUTT when you're up for it. No pressure though.

  3. Thanks for the update. I certainly miss TUTT, but I don’t want you to have a breakdown either. Hope you find some time soon to make a show.

  4. Take your time on this but I would enjoy a new episode before I die. I’ll just be waiting here patiently like I always have.

  5. Don’t fret my man, I haven’t done my show for almost 2 years now. And thanks for the congrats on the new house. How ever did you know?


  7. did you say your health was flailing or failing?. i imagine both are bad. get well and get laid. the warlock recently asked to see my dirty pillows. i declined.

  8. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Oh, I dunno…a LOST EPISODE might curb a bit of the We-Want-More-TUTT appetite. And, yes, we should do a new show at some freakin' point soon.

  9. Yes! Lost Episode! Please! I love you!

  10. Jackson (Formerly Mi Avatar
    Jackson (Formerly Mi

    Hope life is improving for you!

    Things were pretty shakey for me after moving up here (to NYC). Fortunately life's been getting better every day for the past few weeks. I've been working on a new job, I'm starting a business with someone I met up here, and I'm starting to venture out in to the real world a bit more. When I first moved up here (late last year) I was working out of the house (telecommuting to FL). That kept me indoors all the time, and away from people. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that, and it definitely took it's toll on me. Fortuantely I'm out of the proverbial hole and I'm not going back.

    And here are some words for you to ponder….

    – An unexamined life is a life not worth living.
    – To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

    Bart: This is the worst day of my life!
    Homer: This is the worst day of your life, SO FAR!

    Keep us in the loop… so we know what's going on in your life. I'm sure everyone here agrees that your personal well being is far more important than new podcasts. We just don't want to see this show completely disappear (like to many other good shows have recently). In lieu of a podcast, it's good to hear from in any form, via a blog, links, etc. Keep on keepin' on, and get a podcast out whenever you feel up to it!


  11. Shannon Avatar

    What if all your fans send in the music? Will that make a new show any easier!?

  12. man, josiah stole my 49 idea *angry mumbles*

    im very confused at how u can be happiest while having your personal life be a disaster, but im not gonna ask. personal life is personal.

    perhaps a poem from robin williams will help? 8D

  13. I miss Tracks Up the Tree and I need new music

  14. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    New show soon? Hmmmmmmmm……

  15. Hey Benny,

    Thanks for the update. Knowing where you’re at and what you’re dealing with is certainly better than coming to this page every few weeks wondering if it’s been abandoned or not. Hopefully it will be encouraging for you to know that whenever you find yourself to able to devote some time to this project that there will be people waiting patiently to enjoy the product.