Thanks for all the Great Comments

To review all the comments left by all yall about the site and the show:

  • Podcast more often (once a month minimum)
  • Podcast by myself if necessary (good to remember)
  • More music reviews
  • More content on the website

Now onto the good news, Josiah’s coming over on Wednesday evening and we will be recording a two part show. I have set up, prior to your comments, to podcast more often… at least twice a month if not more.

The site will also be changing shortly to be more directed to independent music. My personal writings and photography will be moved to a sub-site for anybody interested. Up The Tree will be all about music, the creative arts, podcasting, and other dorky things.

All of this sort of leads into my new years resolutions… which you will have to tune into the next cast to hear.

Now who’s ready for Up the Tree in 2006… god knows I am!


2 responses to “Thanks for all the Great Comments”

  1. yeah, dude i've got issues with the dan, too.

    taint no thang

  2. eh, wrong post. you get the idea