New Years Resolutions, Podcasting, and the Itch

Haaaaaaa-ppppppy Newwwwwww-Yeeeeeearrrrrrr!

Eh, well enough of that malarky. Yes I’m back. After my home computer crapping out on me and a complete system reinstall it looks like the podcast gravy-train can once again saddle-up.

I met up with Josiah on New Years and he is itching to get back into the copilot’s seat.

2006 promises to be an interesting year full of surprises.

Got a sweet microphone for christmas to do live interviews with and a new lens to take lovely photographs of bands with, all thanks to Funtime Diane.

Most of all I hope to be more regular in 2006… with podcasting I mean, now while I’m in the mood, what suggestions do you guys have for the show?


9 responses to “New Years Resolutions, Podcasting, and the Itch”

  1. The only suggestion I have for this show is that you guys make more of them!!

  2. Ditto Devin Ditto Devin…Man…you guys rock…don't wanna put that in the past tense…maybe you need to go back to Rheingold…saw an ad for that beer that makes yer p… gold in "Midnight Cowboy" of all end of the year dvds to rent via mail…which they have here in Japan finally!

  3. I agree…. I’m already really happy with the show. I know it’s nice to have input and change things up — but the only thing that I’d change is the frequency of shows. How about minimum of one a month, or more if you’re feeling “saucey”

    Glad to hear you’re ‘back!

    I hope you and your loved ones had a nice holiday season. I’m itching for a new show from you. I check at least once a day (even though iTunes does it automatically, I still check it manually every day, thinking I’ll catch it before iTunes does.

  4. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Just Josiah, reporting for duty! Let’s get this show rolling…as soon as we get a spare minute.

  5. More of the same from me. Get to it and make more shows! If you and Josiah can’t manage to meet up, then just do some of the shows on your own. Not that I don’t love Josiah ’cause you have to know I do, but you’re plenty entertaining on your own, Ben. Besides, it’s about the music, man.

  6. Since the production of a comic – The Musical Adventures of Funtime Ben & Just Josiah (you know, liquor as spinage and the such) – is unlikely, I think the show is fine being left up to your guys' random lives. Oh, and the album review feature is nice.


    Hey Funtime Ben! Sorry for the change of subject but I still don’t know if you got my illustration or if you didn’t have time to write back! Maybe something is amiss with the old e-mail biz. Please tell me if you got it or not. thanks JFK

  8. PLEASE, just keep them more often.

    I (and I’m sure everyone else) understands what it’s like to be over-the-top busy. But we don’t care about your lives. Just give us some music!

    Kidding, but really … how about a New Year’s Resolution of just one a month?

    I have tried to replace “Up The Tree” with other music podcasts, but just none of them are the same. Their music doesn’t cut it nor do their personalities.
    Regardless, best of luck with your busy life.

    J …

  9. I’ve resorted to reading even more magazines and music blogs. I have also tried out a bunch more music podcasts — all of which don’t come close to your show. In fact, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to crumby podcasts lately. I have even taken some time to sit down in iTunes and follow through all of the “Just For You” personalized recommendations based on my music purchases and responses to what I own and dislike. Yesterday morning I must have spent twenty minutes or more just clicking “Already Own It” “Don’t Like It” to all their recommendations. I have to admit, in the month of December I bought more music through personal exploration than I have in a long time. It was kind of exciting to share the new stuff with my girlfriend every morning in the car during our commute.

    Side note: I’m not sure if you all know this, or if you care since you have to use iTunes to buy music for this to apply. I found the little section that shows you everything you’ve ever purchased and I was AMAZED to see how much money I’ve spent with Apple. I had a unique approach in the past, which helped me limit my spending through iTunes. I would only buy iTunes Music Cards at drug stores and music/electronic stores. I never attached a credit card to my account, this way I was always limited to the amount of money I had from the cards. What was cool about this is iTunes always displays how much of your money is left in your account while you browse the store. I was able to really track my spending, and keep in check. Recently I grew tired of having to wait to buy music until I bought a new card because iTunes has no built-in way to bookmark artists/albums/songs so I can return later. Not to mention there’s no history in iTunes either, so if I forget to copy the iTunes url and submit it to my account, I’ll never see it again. There’s so many different ways to find the same artist. I like to use the feature “Other listeners of XYZ also bought ABC.” and the different iMixes that contain similar music, as well as the “Just For You” feature that I have already talked about. This frustration lead to me attaching my credit card to my iTunes account, and now I can’t see what’s left in the account, or what I’ve spent, unless I dig through my account settings.

    Your show has always encouraged me to buy new albums. I have found out about soooo many great artists thanks to Funtime Ben and Josiah. For that I’m eternally grateful. However, if you guys don’t come back soon, I’ll be forced to keep fending for myself with my music shopping — which isn’t a bad thing — but it is costing me WAY more money. Seriously though — come back — it’s not as scary as it seems. We don’t bite, and we rarely flame. Your show is missed by many — many more than the people posting here I imagine.