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Field Music - Field Music Field Music
:4 Stars:

Now I’m not sure how you feel about Steely Dan. Some hate them because of their 70’s stylings, but if you can keep in mind how rocking their tunes are, you can quickly fall in love with each of their enchanting little songs. My dad used to listen to Steely Dan and I used to chastise him for his choice in music, but now I see that maybe I was a little young to truly appreciate their true rockitude.

Field Music is a band which comes off as a very influenced by the open and seemingly seamless blending of off-beat melodies that made Steely Dan so great, but with the edginess of Futureheads. A quick listen to the album reveals that none of their songs follow any traditional pop-rock formulas, but their melodies are infectious. from the opening track “If Only The Moon Were Up” the driving baseline mixed with spare guitar and piano creates a sound which is unfamiliar, but instantly likable.

Where this album succeeds is not doing the expected and keeping each song carefully balanced. “Tell Me Keep Me” starts off with an unattractive start that by the 8th bar has grown melodic and it’s mid song freak-out lasts only as long as it has to. This is the work of artists who know what they are doing.

This is a great little album which I would definitely recommend to anyone with a few bucks to spend. -They are also available through emusic which makes them a steal!

h4. Favorite Songs: 6, 5, 2, 12


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  1. Love your podcast show! So, I really enjoyed the track you played. Went to eMusic and signed up (giving credit card info, the whole deal)… and then searched for Field Music. Nothing showing up. What gives?

  2. You may want to remove the line from the review touting eMusic as a source to get them…

  3. duely noted and fixed!

  4. Holly crap! I swear it was there!? Where did it go?! Ah man, I’m so sorry! I did get it off of emusic… I can’t imagine where the link went! I feel terrible about this!