9/11 4 Years later


I walked to the Brooklyn promenade last night to look at the lights, which are still my favorite tribute to that day. Somehow they seem to have a ephemeral, poetic justice that a building can never have. Especially the “inventive” specimens proposed by over inventive architectural firms.

When I got to the promenade, I could still smell the powdery smell of burning drywall. It hung in every subway stop and drifted along the tunnels, pushed by subway cars. I think I will remember that smell forever.


2 responses to “9/11 4 Years later”

  1. as I was with you that night, I have to agree the lights are beautiful and the fact they wax and wane is a really nice touch…

    sad that they will be the last time they are there…I'm glad I saw them in person.

  2. P.S. good meeting you :-D