TUTT: Always Picked Last Pt. 1

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Josiah’s Back! Yay! We reconnect for part one of a two part episode with an exclusive interview with “Voxtrot…”:http://www.voxtrot.net/ unfortunately the audio is almost unintelligible. If you listen really closely you might hear something about bloggers and them helping to push the band forward… or maybe a bit about the band and their day jobs. Unfortunately my iRiver did a particularly craptastic job recording the boys. I need a Mic! What Mic to get!? HELP!

I will hopefully have a mic for the next time the band visits again… First interview C+

*Played on Today’s Show*

# “(mp3)When I Wake”:http://www.the-changes.com/When%20I%20Wake.mp3 by “The Changes”:http://www.the-changes.com
# Raised By Wolves (played by permission) by “Voxtrot”:http://www.voxtrot.net/
# “(mp3)The Beast”:http://www.petitemort.org/music/KingOfFrance_TheBeast.mp3 by “King of France”:http://www.thekingoffranceband.com/ From NYC
# “(mp3)Oh Mandy”:http://spintonic.net/audio/spintoband/ohmandy.mp3 by -Spintonic- “The Spinto Band”:http://www.spintoband.com/
# “(mp3)Analog Set Hard to Find”:http://www.ezsite.bz/mashup/artistsongs/Aggro1%20-%20Kelly%20Clarkson%20Since%20U%20Been%20Gone%20v.%20American%20Analog%20Set%20Hard%20To%20Find.mp3 mashup by “Aggro1”:http://www.aggro1.com
# In Love with a Car Bomber (played by permission) by “The Way It Is”:http://www.thewayitismusic.com

*Mentioned on Todays Show*

* Votrot on the Show Yay, but difficult to listen to
* Upcoming one year Anniversary with Archives


11 responses to “TUTT: Always Picked Last Pt. 1”

  1. God loves pilgrims, AND you sir are a mighty Pilgrim!

    I love the stuff interview…true, those bars aren't the best place to record

    unless…you shove the microphone right into their mouth!

    A tip for next time, and I won't even charge you for it.

    Keep up the great work! Also, I WILL meet Josiah, someday!

    You inspire my man.

  2. the Griffin stereo mic is only $15 and with the line in recording level adjustments on your iriver it can handle most loud situations pretty well… you may have to experiment with is going from quiet to loud to find the right level from environment to environment but the imaging is great, you can hide it on your lapel and have both hands free for action! Here's an Amazon link for it… there are better mics for more money but it is an inexpensive upgrade from the built in mic…

    "Griffin stereo mic" :http://www.amazon.com/gp/aws/cart/add.html/002-5592436-3481602?SubscriptionId=D68HUNXKLHS4J&AssociateTag=parkinginbitt-20&ASIN.1=B0007SVA0Y&Quantity.1=1&linkCode=as1&submit.add.x=35&submit.add.y=9&submit.add=Buy+from+Amazon.com

  3. Jonathan Bell Avatar
    Jonathan Bell

    thanks for the show ben

  4. awesome site!!!

  5. Yay! I could understand what you said to the Voxtrot guys… yes yes, we will all share them and love them… also, I would like to go out for some frozen deliciousness now…

    What a podcast, what a guy! and Josiah, too. I can't wait for your one-year anniversary! We have a tradition around here, and we'll do it for you, too– Tony Toni Tone!

  6. Great show as always, Ben!

    Though I think that the band that does "Oh Mandy" is called The Spinto Band, not Spintonic.

    Jus thot u'd lyk 2 no!

  7. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    I say the *TUTT: Year One* Show should be Beatles and Old-School Hip-Hop. And Tony Toni Tone. And the group that does that "I like to move it, move it" song. Then we'll do a mash up of them all! And we should get driggity drunk, but that goes without saying.

  8. The mashup is by "aggro1" :http://www.aggro1.com. However, the ultimate Kelly Clarkson mashup is "Divide & Kreate's" :http://gyllerfelt.se/mashed/ "Since You Ain't Me", mashing in some classic Frank Black action.

    Thanks for the most excellent podcast!

  9. The "Since U Been Gone" mix was fantastic.

    I played an electro version of it on my podcast that was nearly as good.

  10. Thanks all you are the best listeners/tell me mistakes I maders/Mashup locaters ever. You all rock… I am one lucky SOB.

    Next show on Friday! Can you believe it?! Holly crap we're on a roll.