TED Ben, Ben TED

So that “TED”:http://www.ted.com stuff was right on the money. It was a really phenomenal night of creative people who not only talk the talk, but have the money to walk the walk. Entrance into TED cost $4,400 per year and the only way to join is to be invited by a TED member.

*You thought those jeans from college were hard to get into?*

The talk by Steven Johnson about his book Everything Bad is Good for You was a real treat. Steven was a very good speaker who really knew how to push a crowd and avoid his argument’s weakness. His argument was interesting, but focused mainly on the idea that video games and modern television are complex in relation to their 1970’s counterparts. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any way to equate complexity with non-superficial content… Interested? “Buy the book for \$16.77”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1573223077/upthetree-20/

!(photo)https://www.upthetree.com/wp-uploads/zana_group_shot.jpg(Born into Brothels group shot)!:http://www.kids-with-cameras.org/

After that, I attended a screening of “Born into Brothels,”:http://www.kids-with-cameras.org/ the Academy Award winning documentary by Zana Briski, who after the incredibly fascinating film answered questions from the 10+ crowd who stuck around for the screening. The film is astounding and quite frankly I can’t do the film justice during a quick post during my lunch hour. Please “rent it.”:http://www.netflix.com/MovieDisplay?movieid=60034778&trkid=147038 I will talk further about it on the next podcast.

The whole night left me wanting to change my life.

I really have to do more with my time.


2 responses to “TED Ben, Ben TED”

  1. It is really inspiring. It has changed the way I take photographs and I'm sure you will take a lot from the film. The kids are awesome.

  2. Wow.. this movie made you want to change your life? That’s pretty high praise. I have an arthouse theater around the corner from me and I’ve seen it advertised there. I haven’t been interested in seeing it beacuse I “already know what it’s about” but I think it’s the next movie I see now.