Me and TED

TED Conference I’m going to be heading off to a TED event tonight as the guest of a business associate here in NYC. She had originally planned to bring my father, but as he is slumming his way through London for this week, I am taking his place.

TED is kind of like the organization for creative minded people that I usually would never be invited to, but today is different. Today I am a bad-ass. Today I shall make an impression on somebody, anybody who will take the time out and talk to me as I cower under the appetizer table.

It’s all about people who you would kill to meet in person. People who have influence, street cred, and incredibly different ideas. So, it should be cool.

As always, I will have my camera and voice recorder going, so hopefully I can bring you back some interesting stories and ideas. Person talking is going to be Steven Johnson about his new book, Everything Bad is Good for You which got some good reviews already. Man it looks pretty sweet.

Hope nobody smells my B.O.


One response to “Me and TED”

  1. AWESOME! Have a great time!