How (Do You) Order Food In A Restaurant

Jason Kottke, Brooklyn’s resident professional Blogger, brings up an interesting few ideas on how to order food at a restaurant from authors in his post How to order food in a restaurant.

Although none of the methods mentioned reflects the way I order food at restaurants. I ask my waiter or waitress which their favorite dish is and, ignoring any warnings from patrons in my party, order it.

If the question arises _how would you like that cooked?_ I always reply, _as the chef recommends_ unless the waiter or waitress look surprised and frightened at my response… then I go my old standby FDA(Food and Drug Association) medium.

I never ask for substitutions and never ask for anything on the side.

_This method hasn’t failed me yet._


3 responses to “How (Do You) Order Food In A Restaurant”

  1. I point to the picture of the one i like, or if no picture is present I utter the number next to the semi understandable description. “Ummm, I’ll have a number seventy two? yeah seventy two looks good!”
    (now i’m salivating for no other reason than my desires for Number seventy two, gee thanks Ben!) Lunchtime it is!
    Where’s my TUTT?!! Need some TUTT! Toot toot toot!

  2. It’s coming, It’s coming! Sorry for the hold up kids!

  3. You should ask for sunshine sauce on the side whenever possible.