All of This

I have tried to post half a dozen times, but it seems that this brain of mine is just too fractured to put cohesive thoughts down. The process of creating a narrative gone, I now look to other methods of communication. Following in the footsteps of one of my favorite people in the whole wide world I will publish some of my poetry until my head returns to a place that is suitable for public consumption.

All of This

You are, she said, all of this
it was apparent from her hips
meant more to her
than me

All of this?
poetic innuendo
for jackals with kangols
did           she
  expect to

with no bait

the buzz of the silence between us
a sweater too thickly knit
told of more statements

You are, she said, all of this

again expecting change
in my demeanor
my heart
or darting eyes
a second marinade to give strength to the last
bought with inflection
paved with cinematic urgency

but holes had been hued
from singular impulses
and water could not be kept in this bucket
without more buckets

the time
this place
had past
between these walls
which no longer stood
but were held


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  2. you stink.

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