Oh, joy. Spring again! Now it’s undeniable. The flowers are falling from the tees and leaves are sprouting all over. It makes it hard to believe two months ago there were none.

It is the season for better spirits, resolutions, new projects, and of course _bitching BBQ parties._ The unfortunate part about urban living, is that there just aren’t many opportunities to BBQ… in New York at least. It’s the freedom of firing of the range and not having to worry about anything other than the plates you brought out the meat on… and I do mean meat people. Although I feel for our vegetarians in the audience, I don’t care what you marinate tofu in, it’s still tofu.

So, if you have access, please fire up the grill, put on your “Kiss the chef” apron and enjoy some animal flesh (or tofu if that’s what you prefer) for us who are without.


One response to “Spring”

  1. I loved your Kerry Quote so much I put it on my email signature…such an inspirational quote! You go Benito!