eBay Here I Come

I have started selling my stuff on eBay to, in some way, make room for more stuff. The catalyst for all this is the (hopeful) arrival of a new guitar. Things I have to get rid of:

# CDs I don’t listen to
# Books I don’t read
# Movies I don’t watch
# Guitars I don’t play
# Things I wouldn’t notice disappearing.

Pepper was nervous for a while that she would get auctioned off, until she got into the spirit and rounded up all of Diane’s shoes, a flip-flop, and a glove and put them onto eBay too. She’s a good little kitty.

Pepper con shoes


13 responses to “eBay Here I Come”

  1. How many bright pink shoes does a person really need?! Two pairs, atleast!

  2. 3 pairs is not uncommon in our household.

  3. Chelsea, I’m dumping Ben. You and I are now officially an item. Not only have you read my mind with your point 1, but you’ll understand as it applies to my clutch fetish as well. I have 3 of the same black buckle clutch. And I bought 3 with the idea that, Heck, what if I lose one?? I’ll need a back up. Or two. I’m hitting Aerosoles later. What size are you?

    oxox Your girlfriend, D

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    And I love you both not only for the consumption of Entenmenn’s Brownie Bites, but also for the tag team posting.

  5. but they are all the same. maybe she should give me a pair.

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    Pepster rounded up ALL of Diane's shoes??
    Not only have I been to your house but I have also shoe shopped with Imelda, err, Diane. I think she might have another pair or two. No?
    Nice to have you back.

  7. She has close to 90 pairs of shoes. That's 180 actual individual shoes for those of you playing at home. Luckily we live in a palatial mansion and have only had to displace the cook's quarters.

  8. i don't know you at all really (you know my sister) , and i surely don't know diane, but i have to say that i pretty much approve. she must be a good catch if the girl's got 90 pairs of shoes, some duplicate pairs. that means: 1.) she's smart, cause what if she wears one pair out and then can't find them anywhere to buy a new pair? 2.) she has her priorities straight. 3.0) she isn't colorblind, cause those shoes are a very pink pink.

  9. Oh boy, who's been drinking during lunch?

  10. All I gotta say is Pep Pep scares me. She's always got that devilish twinkle in her eye that leaves me uncertain if she wants to nuzzle with me or rip out my left eyeball…and Diane, watch yourself. Pep's looking at those shoes like she may want to "play" with them!

  11. I do the same thing with skin care products. You never know when Dermologica might discontinue it's Daily Microfoliant or if all of The Body Shops in the greater LA area might run out of the Nut Body Butter. ALways best to keep one or two on deck.

  12. R, this is why I love you… (This is actually Ben transcribing Diane's words. She is currently eating an _Entenmenn's Brownie Bites_ and can't come to the phone right now)

  13. mebird Avatar

    BigD…excuse me…when you can be bothered to answer after returning from the tropics, let's get married.