The Mix Tape

Ever since the early days of the cassette tape, people have been making mix tapes. They are, and have been, viewed as an artistic expression. A well crafted mix tape can become a statement rather than a crude piecemeal of songs you _like._ I know friends who would agonize on their mixes and even craft special _crush mix tapes_ that were the ultimate in expression, the thought being that the right mix of _Replacements_ and _Elliott Smith_ would drive the opposite sex into a feeding frenzy of lustful thoughts.

These mix tapes were often recorded from CDS when available and album art was always a necessity. For every good mix, there was a great cover. The albums became like children and would always be put on at parties as a symbol of pride.

However, nowadays mix tapes have fallen out of the limelight. Now everyone has CD burners they just make a mix in iTunes and presto change-o there you the coolest music ever heard on the ugliest shinny disc you have ever seen. Sure there’s the whole copyright issue, but I’m of the mind if you give someone a mix CD often times if they like an artist, they’ll buy the album… or see them in concert… or try to sleep with them… whatever… Putting somebody on a mix CD isn’t copyright infringement, like the RIAA says, it’s free advertising. Sharing an entire album is a no-no, because that is stealing from the artists and none of us would ever do that… right?! Regardless, the mix CD while a great invention always look like poop. I am therefore suggesting that everybody who reads this site to spend a little time on the next mix CD you make, either for yourself or someone you love. Make it count. Make it sexy. Make it rock.


One response to “The Mix Tape”

  1. I haven't received a mix tape since high school (not *that* long ago, but still…). I'll have to make one soon. Thanks for the inspiration.