Were I Stand


I have been holding off on recording, because I have been waiting for my electric guitar, which I have on backorder, to get to me. It’s absurd really, waiting for a piece of equipment to be creative! As if the guitar were the inspiration. Instead I decided to just get down to it and if I need to I can re-record it later.

Let’s go back to the beginning, I found from my first song _Forgive Me Love_ that my tempo was too slow and made my vocals seem stretched and forced. I learned from my last song _The Argument Dance_ that when I thought about vocals too much I got overly obsessed with recording them right. I kept on recording and re-recording parts in order for them to sound perfect and it just made them seem tired.

*New Thought*

This weekend I deliberately began recording without an idea formalized in my head. Determined to get an entire song finished, I started recording and didn’t look back. My first takes were all I used for my guitar. Vocals were a bit trickier and since I was making it all up on the spot I had to make revisions, but I tried were applicable to keep my first takes. In the end I think the song is a jumble of all the music I have been listening to lately. Anyway, you might look at it as a departure from my last attempts, but really it’s just a speed up and a bit of distortion on my vocals.

My vocal style is a mix of different influences. In reality I was attempting the verses to sound as though I had been drinking and my confidence being gained from the bottle. In the chorus a loss of control. The bridge ending in pleads and a loss of the verses confident overtones.

Well enough of this _jibber-jabber_ on with the show

“Were I Stand.”:https://www.upthetree.com/media/wereistand.mp3


2 responses to “Were I Stand”

  1. I love this song and "Forgive Me Love"! I put them on my iPod, in fact. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

    That's one iPod down!