Welcome to Up the Tree

We’ve put on a new face, a new perspective, and a new view of the world. We hope you like what you see. If you would like to see something that isn’t here, just ask and I’m sure we can come to an arrangement.

*A new website with a new purpose.*

_Fun Time Tree House_ was an endeavor I stumbled into. I created a blog, because I thought they were _cool._ I have since discovered how they can reach out and bring people together. I hope to make this new iteration of my website more fulfilling for myself and you, anybody willing to read it. I will try to make this weblog more than just a piece of electronic scrap paper. I want to make a statement… or two.

*That being said,*

We are still remodeling and will be adding features day to day, so please don’t hold it against us if buttons don’t work. They will… eventually.

3 replies on “Welcome to Up the Tree”

Can I just sit under the tree? I don't want to be an 'up the tree' party pooper, but perhaps an exception could be made and I could nap under it instead of up in it? Can I bring the cheese breath boy?

If you are afraid of heights, you can of course sit at the bottom of the tree and we will talk very loudly so you can hear us. _We are very flexible._

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