Price Hiker

I’m a big fat sucker for deals on the web. I surf, an act categorized by small movements of my wrist and up and down movements of my index finger, the web with a purpose. My particular purpose today is to look for online camping bargains. I look for online camping bargains every few months in preparation of a camping trip which as is just so happens, hasn’t happened in 2 years. I’ve been quietly amazing a stockpile of backpacks, water containers, swiss army knives, tents, sleeping bags, water proof watches, fleeces, jackets, sweatshirts, shoes over the last few years for an imaginary trip I might never take.

*You can’t be too ready!*

My camping preparatory work has led me to great sites that not only have fantastic deals, but also instill in the buyer a true sense of adventure… it’s like camping without the *roughing it* part. Instead of trails nobody has ever discovered, I instead look for sales nobody has ever hiked across. I am a serial deal shopper who buys things because they are on sale, not because I need them.

*It’s like impulse buying “Indiana Jones”: style.*

So, please don’t look down on me if I just bought a new “Adidas Running Jacket”:,26637,26665,26666,26679,26705,27034,27036,27163,27168,27212,27296,27340,27350,27439,27827,31123,31778,31842,31852,/header_title./page_name.prod_list_display_special.asp/search_type.L0%7E154/size1./size2./gender.0/ShowImages.yes/sq.0/cont.1/sqlSearchStr./intPgNo.1/ for $12.56 or a spanking new “Freestyle watch”:,99189,26438,26439,24368,/header_title./ for $29.95.

_I have a problem._

“Sierra Trading Post”:


3 responses to “Price Hiker”

  1. I want to go camping! I want to go camping! I want to go camping! We could eat MREs and get up at 4am and do field exercises…oh wait. I don't have to do that anymore. I could wear my old uniforms for fun!

  2. I'll sure as hell be there for that!

  3. This is my rifle, this is my gun