This may seem slightly esoteric, but let me assure you it isn’t. Every toilet, one of the most fantastic and innovative modern inventions, has a roll of toilet paper sitting next to it. I don’t care if you’re an avid baday user, there is always a need to… “freshen up” with a fist full of these perfectly designed paper sheets. Toilet paper is the unsung hero of many a bathroom, although never talked about, it is one item you always have on hand or dire consequences shall be suffered.

Everybody has to put a new roll of toilet paper every once and a while.

But there are no instructions for installing a new roll of toilet paper on the toilet paper spool in your bathroom. The toilet paper industry, along with the toilet paper spool industry, assume that you know how to put this thing on correctly. But do you? Which direction is the correct direction? Is there a correct Direction?

If you install toilet paper onto the spool, you fall into two camps:

An Innie

An Outie

So, my question is, which are you? Do you care? Is there a reason you string your TP a certain direction? I would love to know.


4 responses to “TP?”

  1. Ok, not that I’ve given this very much thought or anything, but I believe the “outies” are more generous, cause it is easier to pull paper off the roll like that. The “innies” are more conservative because when you roll it under, it breaks off after a few sheets, at least that’s been my experience. Not that I’ve given it much thought. Oh, I like the new look.

  2. I think it's a simple matter of physics. With the "Outie" you can stop the forward resulting from your pull with the same hand. With the "Innie" you have to pull and tear from the bottom which allows the roll to keep spinning. Inefficient.

  3. My parents once bred dogs and my mom said one of her major discoveries was to always use the "innie" technique. Why? Because the dogs couldn't paw the roll, stick the end in their mouth, and run around the entire apt. all day draping TP everywhere when they were pissed that they'd been left alone for 8 hours. If you use the innie technique, the paper just keeps looping around the roll with no where to go if you spin it. Now that's using your noggin.

  4. Outie, for sure. My friend has to keep her toilet paper in a drawer in her bathroom cos her dog loves to eat it. Interesting, eh?