Housing Works

On Friday night, Diane and I went over to “Housing Works”: to see an acoustic performance by “The Fountains of Wayne”: and quite frankly they rocked. Sure it’s super-fine high calorie pop-rock, but it’s really good super-fine high calorie pop-rock. Plus if you are a New Yorker, it’s kind of your duty to see Fountains of Wayne, because they are such a New York centric band.

Other highlights were Diane’s favorite new male rocker, other than me, “Jesse Malin.”: Jesse Malin used to be the lead singer of “D Generation”: the famous glam-rock outfit from New York. He’s adorably dorkey and a very honest songwriter and Ryan Adams’ most favorite thing since sliced toast. I liked him purely because he had *KISS* written on the inside heel of his converse sneakers in ball-point pen.

And of course the biggest highlight was seeing one of The Fountains of Wayne’s biggest fans, Paul Simon. I didn’t peg him for a FOW fan either, but he was smiling away from the balcony. I am a huge Paul Simon fan, he’s just someone you can like, without worrying he might have a horrible secret lurking in the background. He’s a sweetheart.

I would recommend anyone out there to come to Housing works to see the next _Live from Home_ music performance. It is an eye opener and helps homeless people with HIV and AIDS.

Picture of Fountains of Wayne

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