Now, I’ve been going to the gym for a while now; Pumping iron, downward dogging, stair mastering. After such strenuous and sweat producing activities, I often take a shower at the gym.

The one thing I always find interesting, when changing, is the guys you wouldn’t think wear tighty-whities do in fact wear them.

Just goes to show.


4 responses to “Tighty-Whities”

  1. I was reading Esquire this month and apparently the marjority of women prefer boxer briefs to other forms of underwear.

  2. My number one preference is boxer briefs. However, I actually like a man in tighty whities, as long as he has a nice posterior.

  3. Oooo.. Boxer briefs… me-yow! Regular boxers tie for second. Tighty-whities kinda make me think of twelve year old boys so they're out.

    sidenote: You're such a talented photographer… beautiful pics!

  4. boxers. totally. i have three younger brothers who always wore tightywhites as children. the association is irrevocable. my dad used to walk around the house sometimes in his bikini underwear. so, i vote no for those, again citing horrible associations. wait, was that too much info. sorry. :p