First Signs of Spring

Buds are forming, shoots of grass lifting, and small flowers slowly opening. I welcome the change in weather. I have had enough of winter and miss -scandals- sandals.

Spring flower


4 responses to “First Signs of Spring”

  1. Is there something about Spring that I've missed? Why are scandals correlated with that season?

  2. Shit. I could try to play this off as being incredibly brilliant, but who has the time for the research on the correlation between Enron and Watergate. (etc.)

    There's only one thing worse then misspelling *sandals* on your website and that's the person who brought it to your attention is Naaman. I curse your keen eyesight and your impeccable spelling. Damn you Naaman.

    (hanging head in shame.)

  3. Sorry, I really tried hard to think of something else to say, but that one was taunting me like Chinese water torture.

  4. BTW, lovely flower.