A Few Drinks

Last night I was supposed to head off to the gym. My old college friend Jeff gave me a call, however, and given the choice between heart raising, calorie burning, healthy workout and a beer…


We went over to “The Belmont Lounge”:http://belmontlounge.citysearch.com/. A bar that, despite it’s best efforts to the contrary, is relaxing and a decent place to have a drink, or in my case 6-8. Our very pleasant waitress Cindy delivered Brooklyn Lager after Brooklyn Lager to the point that when the lemon drop shots she had bought us arrived I didn’t automatically realize that it was a terrible idea.


During the _boys night out_ Jeff reminded my of one of our old roommates Gabby who was on our college basketball team. (It must be explained the SUNY Purchase is not known, nor does it have a good basketball team.) He was actually on a basketball scholarship to the college. He was an intimidating young fellow with a bad taste in music, a penchant for sexual harassment, and various tattoos. His best tattoo was the image of himself crucified on a cross holding a basketball in his right hand, below the words *INSANE*.

I had completely forgotten.


2 responses to “A Few Drinks”

  1. I am a sucker for cocktails and lemon drops rock the party. Sorry, I can't help it if I like "girl drinks".

  2. haha! Don't be ordering any of those in my presence!