Snow in New York

AS A RULE: Snow in New York City doesn’t stay white for very long… _If at all._

Snow days in New York are really only cool, if you aren’t working. Otherwise, they are a recurring reminder that being a kid was, in fact, the best time of your life and you were an idiot to want to grow up.

The city is a turbulent nightmare of slush and ice now. The cheery guise of comradeship that New York, as a city, could weather the _Blizzard of 03’_ is gone. Most New Yorker’s have reverted from their cheerful _snow day dispositions_ to a more common _asshole in slush_ mode. I don’t think New Yorkers can really enjoy anything that impedes their normal day to day lives. Snow is fine, in the eyes of a New Yorker, as long as it stays in fuking Vermont where it belongs.

*Snow, or slush as the case may be, is the great equalizer.*

Slush doesn’t care if you are wearing $30 all weather moccasins from _Lands End_ or bullshit $450 _Prada_ running shoes, your feet will get wet and your austere exterior will be shattered by your sudden look down at your little piggies.

*It does, however, wreak havoc on the food delivery business… _and that’s a shame._*

A pile of snow near Chinatown