Back in the saddle

Howdy online friends and family. It has been a while since I had the time and the gumption to write an actual post on this blasted information super-highway.

bq. SPEAKING OF WHICH, what ever happened to the _Information Super-Highway?_ The description for the internet has disappeared for what i can determine must have been the simple fact that not everybody thought it was that _super_. The phrase reminds me of the late 90’s when people thought the internet was super-keene and couldn’t wait to get their ass on it. _I think they later found it wasn’t as exciting as people made it out to be._

*The snow is all over the streets here in Manhattan.*

Union Square West

People are making valiant attempts to conquer huge drifts of now and huge piles of plowed slush. I myself have felt the cool reminder between my toes that I am susceptible to the elements.

bq. I have been busily updating the back-end of this website to such an extent that no one should be able to notice the new enhancements I have made. It struck me, after I just wrote the last sentence, that I updated my website design solely for myself. On this realization I decided that I have to read more often, knit more often, and above all stay away from redesigning this site… but being a graphic designer, you can expect a redesign somewhere in the next few weeks. Well, a website or a homemade scarf. _Either or really._

On the sunny side of things, Diane and I went to prospect park yesterday, during the big blizzard, and bravely slid down a hill on newly purchased fluorescent orange *Big Foot* discs. Through our many attempts down the _slope_, we found that running and jumping onto the disc stomach first was the technique _de jour_. We nicknamed the haberdasher style of sledding the _tummy first_ method. I, unfortunately, didn’t take any photographs of the event, only because I JUST got a digital camera last friday and knew I would manage to loose it in a snow drift. They have yet to build an electronic device that is _Funtime Ben proof_.

*There is something refreshing about a hill full of people all holding various colors of oval plastic discs getting along together in peaceful teeth-chattering harmony.*

I think we need to get Saddam, Osama, and George Jr. on a hill in Prospect Park, give them each a fluorescent orange disc and in an hour I bet most of our problems with each other’s countries would be a thing of the past. All you need in life is a good _snow day_ to make everybody happy.

*Plus, seeing George Jr. eat a snow bank would make everybody feel a little bit better.*