Friday Whopsies.

It look as if Funtime Diane has had one heck _(insert appropriate profanity)_ of a day.

TO EXPLAIN I have been a lump lately, with the _Blizzard of 03’_ and a general malaise of inactivity, my laundry had reached the _no undies phase._ (Not the sexy _no undies phase_, mind you, but the _have even run out of even the tighty-whitey phase_. Yeah… shameful) So, on the risk of missing important phone messages, I curtailed it over to the local Laundromat during work hours for some _fun time suds em’ ups (way ups)._ My escape was a brief one, where I diligently and obsessive compulsively washed all the old set in stains that not even your loving mother would have touched.

Before I had left, I received an e-mail from my dearest Funtime Diane:

*From:* Funtime Diane
*Date:* Fri Feb 21, 2003 2:54:00 PM America/New_York
*To:* Funtime Ben
*Subject:* cheer up time em ups

i could sure use some pictures from your collection to cheer me up. got any good stuff?

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(By “your collection” she meant digital photos from my new ultra slick digital camera) (or so I assumed)

I sent off the photo and went, forthwith, to the Laundromat and when I got back I decide, as every good boyfriend should, to give her a call to see how she was doing. She tells me on the phone, in no uncertain terms, that she wants to go out for Margaritas after work, instead of her customary Yoga. This means she has had a very frustrating day… I just realized, if I write any more of this I will be late to see her… so, I got to go.

Sorry this entry doesn’t make sense, but it was going to be really great… and it might still.


One response to “Friday Whopsies.”

  1. i used to get to the wearing-my-bathing-suit-for-several-days-in-a-row phase until i upped my underwear:pants ratio.