Month / March, 2006

TUTT-WHYME: Drunken’ St. Paddy’s Day Special at WHYME

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In an attempt to shake things up here up the tree and to give Josiah and I a chance to have things happen to us to talk about on the show, I headed down to Philly to visit our long time podcast friends Seth and Jessica at WHYME.

The show notes are at the end of the podcast… and really I can’t remember what the hell we played cuz I was drunk (shocking right?!)

Thanks again for Seth and Jess for having me and cutting this show up.

TUTT: Josiah’s Oscar Party

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This is really late, but the old apartment search has supremely screwed up my schedule. It’s the first podcast from Josiah’s apartment during oscar night and it’s a bit of a free for all. It had been a long night and by the time we got to recording we were thoroughly drunk.

Sorry about the levels, but Josiah needs some serious talking to about optimum microphone placement. And we need to figure out a system for recording guest on the show, because right now it isn’t working very well. okay enough chatter, here’s the show.

Notes to come (as always)

The Songs:

  1. The Fastest Man Alive – Sound Team – Work – EP
  2. Mashup
  3. The Wonder – Figurines – Skeleton
  4. Black Grease – The Black Angels – The Black Angels EP (CD)
  5. Sea Lion Woman – Feist – Live @ Rehearsal Hall
  6. God knows – El Perro del Mar – off an Album?
  7. Dogs – Page France – Live on WDET
  8. Patrik Sjoberg – Hemstad

MySpace – Alright Already

Due to heavy request, We’re now on MySpace. Now do whatever you bastards do, make us your friends and we can have tea parties with white lace together.

Tracks Up the Tree on MySpace

On the subject of improvements to the show Josiah and I have been thinking about releasing a iTunes only MP4 podcast feed with artwork and chapters. We just wanted to get your opinion. Is the current standard MP3 golden? Should we bother?

We want to know – you tell us.

TUTT: Ninja Sex and Ass Talk

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This is a late one! It’s a show about tangents and at some points there’s talk about Ninja Sex and object forcibly inserted into peoples bottoms. It’s a bit of a zoo really, with a special guest and the most absurd ring-tone in existence

The Songs:

  1. Don’t Know Why (You Stay) by The Essex Green on Cannibal Sea
  2. Keep Fallin’ by Hot Chip on Coming On Strong
  3. Family Gathring by David & the Citizens on David & the Citizens EP
  4. Air by The Owls on Our Hopes And Dreams
  5. House Fire by Someone Still Loves You Borris yelson
  6. What Does T.S. Eliot Know About You by East River Pipe from
  7. Keep Your Love by Loveninjas on Keep Your Love EP
  8. Publish My Love by Rogue Wave on Descended Like Vultures
  9. Candy Dish by Lovetank