TUTT-WHYME: Drunken’ St. Paddy’s Day Special at WHYME

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In an attempt to shake things up here up the tree and to give Josiah and I a chance to have things happen to us to talk about on the show, I headed down to Philly to visit our long time podcast friends Seth and Jessica at WHYME.

The show notes are at the end of the podcast… and really I can’t remember what the hell we played cuz I was drunk (shocking right?!)

Thanks again for Seth and Jess for having me and cutting this show up.


6 responses to “TUTT-WHYME: Drunken’ St. Paddy’s Day Special at WHYME”

  1. Miserable.In.FL Avatar

    Good show peeps! What a nice combination, hearing from both TUTT and WHYME in the same show! I have to say that I've always appreciated WHYME, and considering they host, interview and play mostly local Philly stuff, their music is generally very impressive.

    Thanks for the new show. It was short, but sweet nonetheless.

  2. Thanks for the respect Miserable.In.FL. And thanks to Ben, one of the nicest guys in New York. For all you TUTT fans, Ben is really one of the nicest people I have ever met and he gets along with everyone.

  3. Tell that to the people I have been interviewed by for apartments. They all seem to think I am a serial killer.

    I wish my fame spread a little more into the housing market.

  4. Love the show, it makes the workday fly by.

    Good luck finding housing Funtime Ben, ever thought about going the American Psycho route and take some yuppies pad ;-)

  5. I am a relatively new listener, and your show is very well produced. The music selection is outta control sir.

  6. Austin! Avatar

    You guys kick ass ! And you alwys play the best music. And for the record my mom loves you guys and thats saying somethin.Well keep up the good work and im looking forward to the next pod cast you guys put out.