MySpace – Alright Already

Due to heavy request, We’re now on MySpace. Now do whatever you bastards do, make us your friends and we can have tea parties with white lace together.

Tracks Up the Tree on MySpace

On the subject of improvements to the show Josiah and I have been thinking about releasing a iTunes only MP4 podcast feed with artwork and chapters. We just wanted to get your opinion. Is the current standard MP3 golden? Should we bother?

We want to know – you tell us.


17 responses to “MySpace – Alright Already”

  1. Hmm … not being an iTunes user thats kind of a nix for me. But ha, if you guys decide to do it, I'll download iTunes.

    Btw, did you hear the sweet Tropicalia music on Sleephouse?

  2. Re: Ben …..
    I'd be down for the chapter and artwork podcast! Are you thinking of using GarageBand?

    Re: Jim D. ….
    I heard the Tropicalia stuff from the latest Sleephouse episode. In fact, I got to that part while I was crossing the bridge on my run home after work. I've been on this new kick for a few weeks now (wow, I can't believe it's been that long) where I have my girlfriend drop me off for work in the morning and I'll run home. Being that I live 2.8 miles from the office it works out well. There's a bridge I have to cross, which happens to be 3/4 of a mile long, so I get to watch the sunset every night on my jog home. I have to admit that although I'm still a Florida Hater at heart, I've REALLY enjoyed seeing the sunset every night. The Tropicalia tunes from Sleephouse played as I watched the sunset over the river as I crossed the bridge. It was sooo picturesque. They were a perfect soundtrack to my trek.

    Ben and Josiah:
    Thanks again for all the great shows lately. You've been spitting them out like mad-men!

    See you all later!

  3. This might have already been asked, but who did the rockin' title art of the hangman?

  4. The rocking art you speak of is an old print I found that was in the public domain. I scanned it and appropriated it for all of you. Awwwwwwww!

  5. Um, I use iTunes and I say go for it. Anything that adds to the podcasting experience is a plus. Even Law & Order ringtones.

  6. I say go for the enhanced shows, as long as you have a regular mp3 version available too. Those things make my iPod go all screwy.

  7. Oh and we need the official rules for a TUTT drinking game!

  8. New show? Where it be?

  9. I would worry about getting the podcasts out on a regular basis before you go and make more work for yourself. ;)

  10. Josiah?! It sounds like you think there should be a new show posted soon, eh?
    Is there one in the can that we just haven't seen yet?

  11. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Oh yes, my woebegone friend! There is one in the can…and it was long…so I'm sure there was some serious editing needed. Soon my pretties!

  12. That's good news, Josiah. I've been itchin' for some new tunes and little laughter.

    btw, 3 for word usage with "woebegone" — I'm impressed. You one of them fancy pants college grads, aintchoo?

  13. K Marsh Avatar
    K Marsh

    I'm all for the MP4 format, but would prefer a more regular podcast before you start spending all that time enhancing it. I can't wait for the next show.

  14. My 45 minutes drive to and from work sucks without the updates, I need the updates…

  15. chapters would be great for those of us who like some shows so much we listen more than once, for the purpose of skipping to certain songs or jokes that were especially good. i say go for it. technology is fun!

  16. i say no to the .mp4 format (very vindictive of me … "i say 'nay'!") … since i don't have an ipod (i have it's evil twin brother, the iriver), the .mp4 format would be annoying and it would confuse me. i don't know about the rest of you, but when "annoying" and "confusing" are mixed for me, things tend to blow up. such an explosion would lead to the termination of my tutt subscription. sorry.

  17. Make a bookmarkable .mp4 feed and make sure to bookmark the non-music commentary portions of the show. Sometimes you just want to listen to music with jarring voice commentary. It's nothing against your particular voice commentary, it just any voice commentary is disruptive if you are trying to have music playing in the background. Voice commentary compels you to listen to it, distracting you from whatever else you are doing.