TUTT: Josiah’s Oscar Party

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This is really late, but the old apartment search has supremely screwed up my schedule. It’s the first podcast from Josiah’s apartment during oscar night and it’s a bit of a free for all. It had been a long night and by the time we got to recording we were thoroughly drunk.

Sorry about the levels, but Josiah needs some serious talking to about optimum microphone placement. And we need to figure out a system for recording guest on the show, because right now it isn’t working very well. okay enough chatter, here’s the show.

Notes to come (as always)

The Songs:

  1. The Fastest Man Alive – Sound Team – Work – EP
  2. Mashup
  3. The Wonder – Figurines – Skeleton
  4. Black Grease – The Black Angels – The Black Angels EP (CD)
  5. Sea Lion Woman – Feist – Live @ Rehearsal Hall
  6. God knows – El Perro del Mar – off an Album?
  7. Dogs – Page France – Live on WDET
  8. Patrik Sjoberg – Hemstad


5 responses to “TUTT: Josiah’s Oscar Party”

  1. Awesome. Thanks.

  2. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    The levels turned out pretty good on this one Benny Ol' Boy. You've become quite the audio mixer. (And I the beer and vodka mixer…had a bit of a headache after this one).

  3. Kiwi Andy Avatar
    Kiwi Andy

    Another great show guys. Josiah is a pretty angry drunk though…

  4. What's with the fake accents and bean jokes? Tijuana ghetto store? Chill out man, not all your listeners are young white hipsters. Some people are poor, what you call ghetto, that shit isn't funny. Will you do a bit on the large selection of crackers that can be found at your local upscale market?

  5. Fuck Yeah Juan! You want to hear my beef with the high and mighties who buy "organic dinner rolls" at Whole Foods?! Because believe me, I got grudges. Or the upper west side women who take cabs to the gym?!

    Rule number one with us is that we would never, under any circumstances, make fun of any other cultures before taking the piss out of ourselves and our own cultures. I am just as fast to point fingers at my honky Caucasoid roots as anyone else. I also believe that everything is funny. being poor, being rich, being white, being black, being latino, eating beans… and especially farting. Jokes defuse issues that people hold up on pedestals and joking about issues allows people to have discussions without all the bullshit. Juan, you are totally free to disagree with us, call us idiots, or even unsubscribe, but I hope you understand that we treat everyone and everything equally… our races, or religions, our creeds, even our moms! So, please disagree, thats what life is all about, but you may want to go back into the archives and see that absolutely no one is ever spared with us. Sorry again if what we said offended you, but that's just who we are.

    Oh and Juan, I grew up in New York City in the 70's across from a housing project. I was born in spanish harlem and spent my entire life in the NYC public school system. I've seen drug dealers shot, schoolmates shot, been assaulted, and seen a lot of things I wish I hadn't. I'm not trying to say my life has been hard, because it hasn't, but I am not as naive as you might think I am. Josiah on the other hand… is an idiot. ;)