I am so fed up with you

A Pink & Leopard Print Blizzard

Yet again, I have been struck by a cold/flu thing that has prevented me on releasing the next podcast. It’s all recorded, I just need to stick around after work and edit it up… and being sick like a dog, my first instinct after work is to get the hell out. But let me assure you it’s coming.

I seriously need to buy some zinc or something, because getting sick twice in a season sucks… really.

I am so looking forward to Spring, I could cry. I hate my big jacket, my scarf, my hat that makes my hair stand up in crazy directions. Please go away Winter, I am so fed up with you.

Although taking pictures of you is pretty sweet.

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: The Break Up Pt.2

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Part 2 of the break-up show. We have moved away from the hurt into the arms of recovery… er.. I mean alcohol. Yes it’s another installment of your funtime pals, whipping up a dish best served cold.

The Songs:

  1. Mexico by The King of France on The King of France
  2. Stormy Weather by Nina Nastasia on Dogs
  3. Gore Veil by The Deadly Snakes on Porcella
  4. Circle of Bone by The Westward Trail (listener Submitted)
  5. An Actor’s Revenge by Destroyer on Notorious Lightning and Other Works
  6. King Without A Crown by Matisyahu on Live At Stubb’s
Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: The Break Up Pt.1

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Oh it’s been so long and it’s been so cold, but we’re back dear devoted listeners AGAIN with more shenanigans than ever. We’re still a little rusty, but Josiah and I get back into the swing of things pretty quickly. We talk about personal things that have been adding complications with me recently. It’s one hell of a show, but the whole theme of the show is possibility. You can’t get me down!

The whole show is breakup songs, but you’ll be surprised by how happy you’ll be at the end of it.

The Songs:

  1. Lets Not Fall Apart by David & The Citizens on David & The Citizens
  2. Finding Out by Golden Shoulders on Let My Burden Be
  3. Star Witness by Neko Case on Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
  4. A Talent For Loving by Rush Hour Soul on Rush Hour Soul EP
  5. Ancient Modern People by The Coral Sea on Volcano and Heart
  6. I’m Into Something Good (Not Available Online) by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco

The Links

  • The big break up
  • When the Aero beds a floppin’ don’t come a noppin!