I am so fed up with you

A Pink & Leopard Print Blizzard

Yet again, I have been struck by a cold/flu thing that has prevented me on releasing the next podcast. It’s all recorded, I just need to stick around after work and edit it up… and being sick like a dog, my first instinct after work is to get the hell out. But let me assure you it’s coming.

I seriously need to buy some zinc or something, because getting sick twice in a season sucks… really.

I am so looking forward to Spring, I could cry. I hate my big jacket, my scarf, my hat that makes my hair stand up in crazy directions. Please go away Winter, I am so fed up with you.

Although taking pictures of you is pretty sweet.


4 responses to “I am so fed up with you”

  1. Werd! hey only 3 more weeks till spring!

  2. hope u feel better soon!

  3. Sorry to hear Ben! You need to get on the Zone! wink wink wink
    Looking forward to the next show.


    Yeah Ben! Know how you feel! Been there, had that! Up in Montreal here it’s pretty depressing on the eve of march! We just expect more slushy stuff and dirty windshields and you just tend to forget the feel of summer. At least the summer here is gorgeous and
    very hot like New York. But it just drags on and the potholes are growing and getting like Mt St Helen’s crater every year! Anyways keep taking the zinc and edit that sucker out to us as soon as you can. Youse rock! JFK