TUTT: The Break Up Pt.1

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Oh it’s been so long and it’s been so cold, but we’re back dear devoted listeners AGAIN with more shenanigans than ever. We’re still a little rusty, but Josiah and I get back into the swing of things pretty quickly. We talk about personal things that have been adding complications with me recently. It’s one hell of a show, but the whole theme of the show is possibility. You can’t get me down!

The whole show is breakup songs, but you’ll be surprised by how happy you’ll be at the end of it.

The Songs:

  1. Lets Not Fall Apart by David & The Citizens on David & The Citizens
  2. Finding Out by Golden Shoulders on Let My Burden Be
  3. Star Witness by Neko Case on Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
  4. A Talent For Loving by Rush Hour Soul on Rush Hour Soul EP
  5. Ancient Modern People by The Coral Sea on Volcano and Heart
  6. I’m Into Something Good (Not Available Online) by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco

The Links

  • The big break up
  • When the Aero beds a floppin’ don’t come a noppin!


20 responses to “TUTT: The Break Up Pt.1”

  1. Awesome show guys. It's sounding really clear with your new mics.

    And 'kiwi' is not derogatory at all. Most people from NZ would, and do, quite happily call themselves kiwis. Otherwise, it's New Zealanders.

    Good to have you back.

  2. Wow! I also had a break-up between shows. It was also chipper … unless that’s the booze talking?!?

  3. pppussycat Avatar

    Aero beds make me hot.

  4. [ me ] Whoah! Is that a new greyed out TUTT show I see loading in iTunes?!?!?!
    [ MyMac ] It’s too early to tell yet. I’m not really awake yet.
    [ me ] What the hell are you doing sleeping? You’re a computer. You’re supposed to up all day and night checking for me, so it’s ready to go on my iPod as soon as new
    episodes are released!
    [ MyMac ] Yaaaawn… it’s 5:30am you obsessive compulsive freak! Why don’t YOU GO BACK TO SLEEP!
    [ me ] This is your JOB Macintosh! I rely on you to do this kind of work. Besides, I get up every day at this time…. You know that!
    [ MyMac ] Guess what, jackass? While you were arguing with an inanimate object, the episode finished downloading. And guess what else? Do you see that little message at the top of iTunes? (The one that says “iPod update is complete.”) That means it’s on the iPod and ready to go now.
    [ me ] I love you, Macintosh. You’re the greatest!
    [ MyMac ] ZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ…….

    Thanks Ben and Josiah! I’m looking forward to listening to the new show this morning while I drive. I’m happy to hear things are starting to fall back in to place.

    BTW, as miserable as FL can be… I still feel like I should tell you that we had a cold front move through that has produced UNSEASONABLY HIGH TEMPERATURES this past week. We’ve been high in the upper sixties. BRRRR! puhahahahah! In fact, this morning, it’s almost in the 30’s…. but we’ll warm up to the 60’s or 70’s this afternoon. TRY NOT TO FREEZE YOUR ASSES OFF!!!

    Seriously though, I feel your pain. A good chunck of my Fam Damily lives in NY. The ‘rents are in P-Dub on Long Island, and one brother and one sister are in Albany and Ithica respectively. My mom says it’s not THAT uncommon to NOT SEE THE SUN FOR WEEKS AT A TIME. As much as I LOVE visiting up there, especially in the winter, I’ve never experienced anything like that. I have to assume that it could drag me down after a while.

    Keep your spirits up, and thanks for the new show!

    Miserable in FL

  5. Sorry to here about that thing you talked about on your thing. Been there done that….

  6. stephanie Avatar

    i only recently discovered your podcast, but i just wanted to say that listening to your archives whilst working on the weekend (because my place of employment is notably understaffed) and drinking a coors light (because there is a shitload of it in the office fridge–FREE!!!) makes both the poor beer that the resentment of it being a beautiful day outside a little bit less horrible.

    thanks dudes.

  7. Love the new show! You guys are kway-zee!!

    No-one likes a break-up, but when it results in such a great podcast, who can refuse?

    Keep up the rocking!

    Mr Pants

  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!
    i wish i could drink at work.
    are you at work today Ben?

  9. Loving the show… Very sexy voices, and sweet sounding indie music!

    Keep it coming.

  10. really sad to hear about you and Diane :-( Seems like quite a few ppl are going through a shitty time atm. Weird to say I loved hearing your sentiments at the end, without sounding like some weird emotional tourist, and if I say I'm glad you shared you'll think I'm a cali 12-step freek…you know what I mean tho.

    It's not easy to podcast personal stuff, so I really respect you for that.

    great show tho, glad that you're keeping your spirits (hehe) up and not letting it get you down, at least in podcast terms. Love the music you played, and general drunken/work atmosphere LOL

    I LOVE that 6ths track (oops sssh) there's a good cover of it I have. Brilliant song, and strangely appropriate…

  11. OK so you guys are always asking for new music . . . and i’ve got some.
    the band is calle the hopefuls (aka the olympic hopefuls) they are from the twim cities, Minnesota. super fun cool music, alternative/power pop i guess you call it. i first got into them when i heard them on my local radio. i went to one of thier shows and it was awwsome.

    so you candownload 3 of thier songs at
    my fav song is imaginary but really they are all good.

    -the one the only,

    ps. is am i requesting this in the right spot?)))))))))

  12. TUTT! You’re back! And even better. Its good to hear you again. Excellent show today both the tracks and the banter – you guys are naturals. Funtime Ben- it is sooooo good to hear ya talking bout your stuff on air – I actually opened p the cast today specifically to see what was up wit you. This is so far my favorite Podcast- the break up songs in the vein of good spirits – brilliant- and I definately think that many great things lay ahead in your future. Oh and btw- you guys really do need to make video podcasts.

    Oh one more thing! Do you ever make stations on Pandora out of your shows to see what else comes up? Its sort of amazing what happens. Go to Pandora.com!

    xooxoxx danielle aka Beebs

  13. uhh i didnt post the link…

    great show guys!

  14. Wow, that was definatly one of my favorite shows. Maybe its the fact that its been so long or maybe its the fact that the show had awsome music and was funny as hell. Keep it up, your kinda my heros.

  15. new music:

    the buried beds just released an album. they are an amazing philly band and 2 of their songs are up for download here


  16. aghhh man! … sorry to hear

  17. JEAN-FRANÇOIS Avatar

    I hope you guides are steppin’ up to the plate tonight and preparing to gorge our lovely little ears with some decadent western culture. Throw in a few swear words for good measure and a tankful of Rheingold to boot! Gimme somodat mewsic fellers!

  18. JEAN-FRANÃ&Da Avatar

    Hey Ben! I was watching The Godfather (1st part) last night, and there is a scene set in the forties where Connie Corleone's husband gets beat up for having done the same to his wife. Anyways; in the background is a great big Rheingold beer delivery truck. It is a nice
    feature. I noticed a scene where they had some orange boxes seventies style stuck in with
    wood crates at a sidewalk groceteria; again set in the forties. That was too bad! Anyways the Rheingold truck hit the spot!

  19. Great show guys! Fun Time Ben, sorry that your misery has been our bliss. Have been listening show for what it seems forever and enjoying it. Ben, as the spring and summer approach please keep us posted to any great events. The Celebrate Brooklyn Concert come to mind. That was a great day in Prospect Park.

    You guys should do a listener meet up at a show.
    Any way, keep it up.

  20. ben call me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want to talk to you about an instudio you can do with a friend of mine who would be great for your show –
    lisa from long island
    ps lauren says hi and we still have to get together since the evan dando show!
    much love