TUTT: The Break Up Pt.2

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Part 2 of the break-up show. We have moved away from the hurt into the arms of recovery… er.. I mean alcohol. Yes it’s another installment of your funtime pals, whipping up a dish best served cold.

The Songs:

  1. Mexico by The King of France on The King of France
  2. Stormy Weather by Nina Nastasia on Dogs
  3. Gore Veil by The Deadly Snakes on Porcella
  4. Circle of Bone by The Westward Trail (listener Submitted)
  5. An Actor’s Revenge by Destroyer on Notorious Lightning and Other Works
  6. King Without A Crown by Matisyahu on Live At Stubb’s


8 responses to “TUTT: The Break Up Pt.2”

  1. Wowee Zowee! Great show guys!!!

    From the opening sequence with a voicemail from the WHYME peeps that lead right in to the first song, which btw rocked, this show had my attention. It demanded my attention.

    Keep up the great work. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the show. Great variety of music that had a nice cohesive feel to it. I can always count on good tunes and Fun Times© with Tracks Up The Tree.

    How's the single life treating you these days? You have to remember that you have the hookup with that Aero Bed. As soon as the word spreads the ladies should be dropping at your feet as you pass by on the streets. Seriously though, take care of yourselves — my iTunes will remain on High Alert in anticipation of the next show.

  2. My GF and I just had Thai for dinner and on the way home I played her the opening track from the latest show. While we were totally rockin' out it hit me just who we were listening to. I know you said their name but it was after the song and I think the context in which you said it made me think that a King of France song was coming up soon…

    Anyway, those guys seriously rule! I stumbled across their song, The Beast, off the same album in a podcast I subscribe to that dishes out individual songs on a daily basis. It remained in heavy rotation on the iPod for many weeks if not months. I have since purchased the entire album. It's great to hear them in a podcast getting some well due respect.

    I think you dropped the tune in perfectly after the voicemail. The way the keyboard sequence jumped out just seemed to grab my attention instantaneously. I only wish I could listen to Tracks Up The Tree everyday in the car :)

    Enjoy your week!

  3. Oh Wow that was a pretty good show! I was very happy and surprised that you played a Matisyahu track!, he is amazing! You can Pre-Order his new c.d YOUTH on iTunes. By far my favorite track is Aish Tamid, or the Beat Box track…check it out..
    down the street from my parents house in Sarasota, Florida there is a modern dance studio (i don’t know if it is nude dance) called Funtime Dance…I don’t know if you should consult them or not?
    keep up the good work, and keep up the good photos on Flickr.

  4. yo ben, i’m single too. unfortunately, i have herpes. but so does carlos d. that deadly snakes track was great – what the hell genius recommended them to you.

  5. Wahey! Destroyer!! Yay!

  6. Fuck, I love Destroyer!!!

  7. denise in b-town IN Avatar
    denise in b-town IN

    listening to your show now, just thought i’d pop in with an FYI as a former smoker- the insane NY cigarette tax helps keep kids from smoking- it’s all about the kids, folks. gotta protect the children!

    oh, and i have a theory about the whole single thing. it is: when you are single, all your friends are in a relationship and when you’re in a relationship, all your friends are single. at least that’s how it is with me. by the way, i’m currently semi-single!

    I love you guys. my boss always asks me why i’m laughing when i’m listening at work on my headphones. you crack me up and i love listening!

    ps Destroyer does fucking rule!

  8. Battles. No “The”.

    Regardless, they’re amazing. Their guitarist is also in an instrumental math/post-rock band called Don Caballero. Occasionally metal-y, occasionally relaxing, always a must-listen.

    Good luck having tons of promiscuous sex. Try to avoid chlamydia though. Shit’s a downer.