Month / July, 2005

Found in my Drafts Folder: 200 Dollar Store

While prepping my site for the big shove over to WordPress, I happened across an old draft that I haddn’t published. Man it’s amazing what a few years can do… now my writing is lazy and I hate using big words.

h4. 200 Dollar Store

We all understand the basic concept of the dollar store’s marketing strategy; take knickknacks, non-expiring canned goods, the un-familiar afro-American Santa figurines, every product produced by the Lorimar Cosmetic Company, aluminum tins and sell them all under one roof for a dollar or less. There was, of course, immediate innovation and the 99-cent store was born. However, the price drop of one cent did little to instill further consumer confidence or loyalty, but there was a certain ring to ninety-nine cent store, so it stayed part of the cultural vernacular. But I digress.

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How to Stop WordPress from Enclosing MP3s in Posts

Occasionally there may be a time when you really don’t want to publish all the MP3s of a post in your RSS feed. Unfortunately WordPress will not allow you to remove an MP3 it’s linked to. To be more accurate WordPress will always link to all available media files every time you press *Save.*

This becomes a huge issue when you are recording a podcast and linking to various MP3s you might have played during the course of a show. However with the addition of one letter to one line on one page of your WordPress installation you too can be enclosure free… and by free, I mean you will from this point on never have WordPress enclosing files even if you want them. You may of course manually enclose files, but this may problematic for some people.

# Find the folder in your WordPress Installation named *wp-includes*
# open the file in that folder named *functions.php*
# Scroll down to line 766 which starts preg_match_all and edit the bit that should have *http* and make it now read *httpp*
# Save the file and upload to your server.

*What did I just do?* Well, in effect you have told WordPress only to enclose files which start with httpp://www.yaddayadda…… and since no link can ever be on a server that starts httpp it will never include a file.

*It’s ugly, but it works.*

p(note). This hack has been tested with WordPress 1.5.x Please be cautious of modifying your WordPress code and always have a backup in the wings. I take no responsibility for broken sites.

TUTT: Freaky Friday

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# “(mp3)Airport Motels”: by “Crystal Skulls”: on Crystal Skulls
# “(mp3)The Loving Sounds of Static”: by “Mobius Band”: on The Loving Sounds of Static (Ghostly, 2005)
# “(mp3)Grave’s Disease”: by “Matt Pond”: on Emblems (Play!)
# “(mp3)alotisalot”: by “Crown Aruba”: on “alotisalot”: (Or on f-ing “iTunes”:
# “(mp3)Easy to be Around”: by “Diane Cluck”:
# “(mp3)In This Home on Ice”: by “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah”: on Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
# “(mp3)Modern Age”: by The Strokes on The Strokes EP

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iTunes’ Podcast Setting

Recently while encoding a CD I noticed that the new iTunes 4.9 now has a setting for Podcasts under the AAC(Advanced Audio Codec) codec. This of course is a little cheeky in that you can only play podcasts encoded with Apple’s AAC on iPods. I would imagine the quality of the recordings is superb, but the loss in market you will get only encoding for iPods makes it a bad choice… I would recommend all you Podcasters to stay away from this setting if possible.

!(photo) settings)!

TUTT: Show London Some Love

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# “(mp3)Tidal Wave”: by “Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!”: on Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!
# “(mp3)The Lord God Bird”: by “Sufjan Stevens”: live on “NPR”: with an amazing story on how the song was written.
# _Mashup:_ My Sherona Formed a Band by Spoiler Boy featuring “Art Brut”:
# “(mp3)War on Sound”: by “Moonbabies”: on “War On Sound”: Mini Album
# “(mp3)The Start of Something”: by “Voxtrot”: on Raised by Wolves
# “(mp3)Unknown Track”: by “James Mercer of the Shins”: on “Moonshine Festival 04-10-10”:

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BBC “London rocked by terror attacks”


After the good news that London would hold the 2012 Olympics, this morning news came in that was not good. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with being a New Yorker, or that I have family and friends in London, or that after living through 9/11 here in NYC, or that I’m a human being but terrorism really disturbs me. It makes me really angry and upset.

It’s hard to keep back the tears.

This news of renewed terrorism attacks is particularly disconcerting as our bullshit war in the middle east rages on against Iraqis, whilst al-Qaeda who have taken responsibility for these attacks go on without reprimand. If we had our priorities in the right place from the beginning, this may never have happened.

My heart goes out to all my fellow urbanites.

p(update). All family and friends accounted for, Although my cousin was on the tube close to the attacks, but while shaken, is thankfully alright.