Stop Whatever You are doing and Vote For Us! Now!


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Great podcast.

But I wished you used chapters, so it was easier to find certain tracks.

Keep up the good work.

Anders – I am currently in the process of updating my RSS feeds to be fully iTunes compliant with chapters! It's just a little bit time consuming and I have been so busy that I just didn't want to add half-assed iTunes functionality. I promise that this is high on my to do list!

Hey Ben,

I just voted for you, but you're right… even if you don't win, you're still the best music podcast.

I also wanted to do shameless plug and let you know that I've started an MP3 blog ( You were a huge inspiration behind it (I thought to myself… well… if *this* drunkard can do such a good job… maybe I can, too) so I've linked you up… and you know… you can feel free to do the same ;) Hope I can bring you some traffic.

Good luck on the award. I'll tell my friends (and even make a post about it).

Thanks Andy – I will definitely take a listen to your new show. Glad to hear you’ve been inspired by my little show! Thanks for the vote!

Hmmmm, I think I was your first vote.

Tracks Up the Tree isn't listed on iTunes, because

Apple knows that you are an artist. A man with a vision, who lets

nothing stop him for his finishing his creations. They are scared

of what you might do, say, or play next on the show and for that you

deserve best music podcast. Also, most of what I just said was bullshit.

oh, Jessica lovesssssssss Chipwichs too!

in fact, she is known to shout "Get me a Chipwich, BITCH!"

whenever she wants Ice Cream.

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