How To Subscribe To Tracks Up the Tree in iTunes 4.9

It’s no secret that Tracks Up the Tree is not yet in iTunes’ podcast directory, but don’t you fear. You can listen to the show, or any other non iTunes listed podcast, in iTunes without a problem. Here’s how…

h4. The first Option

# Find the Podcast RSS feed. Mine is located in the right column with a little orange “XML” button
!(photo) the xml)!
# Simply drag the link into the Podcast area of iTunes and that’s it.

h4. If That Doesn’t Work

# Find the RSS feed and right-click (control-click on Mac) and *Copy Link.*
!(photo) the rss)!
# Open iTunes and under *Advanced* select *Subscribe to Podcast…* and *Paste* the address into the space provided.
# Then all you do is paste in the address and you’ll have Tracks Up the Tree on your iPod from then on!

That should just about do it. If there are any other questions or clarifications needed drop me a comment.
_Happy Listening!_


One response to “How To Subscribe To Tracks Up the Tree in iTunes 4.9”

  1. I’ve just subscribed with iTunes and all I did was click on the XML button and it started automagically! Even easier. (I’m using Safari, I don’t know if that makes any difference)
    Great shows by the way. Thanks