Our Pathetic Government

When you look at our country. The people in it. The wealth, the poverty, the rhetoric. Sometimes I wonder if there are any people in this country, aside from you lovely people of course, who understand what it means to be a human .

*-80,000- -114,000- More than 140,000 people have lost their lives in East Africa and South Asia*

Our government has promised to aid the east asians suffering from one of the most devastating earthquakes in history by giving -15 Million- 32 Million dollars!? That is absolutely pathetic. “Jan Egeland, U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, has quite rightly called us out for being *stingy.*”:

In other news, “”: is collecting private money’s for the Red Cross relief effort and has already raised over -4 Million- 11 Million dollars. If you can ask private citizens to donate money for relief efforts and the money collected from one organization after 5 days (from 73422 individuals) equals one third of your nations offerings, you know that we should be giving a shit load more to this effort!

Take a little out of our weapons budget if you have to!

So please give. Even $20 can make a huge difference to somebody needing food or water. Visit “Amazon and show our country what compassion looks like.”:

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TUTT: Deck Your Halls with Boughs of Indie

Deck Your Halls with Boughs of Indie Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la!

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Probably the last show before the new year. Let your holiday be merry and full of yummy things. We end the year (and show number 10) the way we started podcasting — alone and full of beer.

*Played on today’s show*

# Lost in the Plot
No Cities Left
“The Dears”:
# “Combat Baby”:
New World Underground
# Man Ray
# You can’t hurry love
“The Concretes”:
# “Johnathin Fisk”:
Kill the moonlight
# Misery Is A Butterfly
Misery Is A Butterfly
“Blonde Readhead”:
# (Do Not Feed The) Oyster
Pig Lib
“Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks”:
# “The Mansion”:
Life and Death of an American Fourtracker
“John Vanderslice”:

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* Tips for Podcasters with retrieving information from Garageband crashes. Remember that you can always retrieve your audio files from any Garageband file by holding down the *control* key and selecting *Show Package Contents.* There you will find a hidden folder called *Media* with all of your unsaved audio files in tact as AIFF files. Just pull them out and rebulild your composition better and stronger. Oh and press *save.*
* Benjamin Walker over at “The Theory of Everything”:
* Seth over at “WHYME”:
* Mikey over at “Loft 405”:



Wild Week

Between the holiday festivities, holiday shopping, tracking down Josiah, and the heat falling apart in my apartment its been hard finding the time to get in from of the mic. This is no way to start off a music career. Freezing in ones apartment.

I have tons of things to talk to you guys about.

I am trying to work out a Josiah guest appearance, but it’s been hard to get our schedules into place.

We would also like to thank Seth over at “Paint The Sky”: for helping me pick out a new software package to record the podcasts with. It should be here shortly and allow for multiple mics to be recorded at once… in other words you wont notice any change.

Again I apologize for the delay, but I really want show 10 to be a big one and not suck.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. Be safe.
– Funtime Ben


Holiday wishes from Tracks Up the Tree

Hope you all have a lovely Holiday Season.

!(photo) (Funtime Ben, Funtime Diane & Santa)!

Cheers from Funtime Ben & Funtime Diane
(and Pepper too)

!(photo) (Funtime Pepper)!

Tracks Up the Tree

And the Number 12 podcast is…

Big thanks to all the wonderful folks out there who have been giving me a vote at All your hard work and votes have brought me from being number 7 in the music casts to number 12 in the 50 best Podcast list! _ALRIGHT!_

# Engadget
# Dawn and Drew Show
# Daily Source Code
# Coverville
# Rock and Roll Geek Show
# Geek News Central
# BlogosphereRadio
# East Detroit Radio
# Goin Deep with the Paralyze…
# Gday World
# Insomnia Radio Powered by i…
# Tracks Up The Tree

*Please send me a vote if you haven’t already. I really appreciate it!*

In other news I have found two new podcasts that have tickled my preverbal fancy.

“WHYME: Worst Music You’ve Ever Heard”: is the podcast of my pal Seth, who has come through on his promise to deliver a podcast by year end. It’s really very good and has all the markings of a NPR show. Seth and his wife have a really good repartee and seem comfortable in front of the microphone.

“Loft 405”: is a new Podcast that I can’t help but like. The host is so hilariously dorky that I listen with a permanent grin through the entire show. His laughs are collectors items, his demeanor is incredibly sweet, and anyone who owns and uses a *Flowbe* is alright by me.

Two great shows for the price of one!

Tracks Up the Tree

Get thee to PodcastAlley has this little podcast rated as number 7 or something ridiculous! Fricking 7?! Now I ain’t one for these type for stroke fests, but come on people! Now I ain’t declaring no war against my Podcast brothers above me, shit I’m already in the top 10 music podcasts, but I didn’t get this far by being pretty.

So far the line up looks as follows

# Rock and Roll Geek Show (As expected)
# Insomnia Radio (Mad Props)
# East Detroit Radio (Who? I’m going to take a listen)
# Coverville (Alright good show)
# (Who the fudge?)
# Whole Wheat Radio Rants Channel (Damn! I knew I shouldn’t have linked to this awesome dude, now he is taking my spot!)
# Tracks Up The Tree (weep)

So, be good boys and girls send me some love with your vote. Pronto my pets! Ronda Shear commands it!

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TUTT: The Only Non-Jewish Jew

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Every Moment – Rougue Wave – Rougue Wave (2004)

Fortress – Pinback – In Abaddon (2004)

A part of the woods – Matt Pond PA – the green fury


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