Wild Week

Between the holiday festivities, holiday shopping, tracking down Josiah, and the heat falling apart in my apartment its been hard finding the time to get in from of the mic. This is no way to start off a music career. Freezing in ones apartment.

I have tons of things to talk to you guys about.

I am trying to work out a Josiah guest appearance, but it’s been hard to get our schedules into place.

We would also like to thank Seth over at “Paint The Sky”:http://paintthesky.org/ for helping me pick out a new software package to record the podcasts with. It should be here shortly and allow for multiple mics to be recorded at once… in other words you wont notice any change.

Again I apologize for the delay, but I really want show 10 to be a big one and not suck.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. Be safe.
– Funtime Ben


3 responses to “Wild Week”

  1. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    How is my Christmas wish list coming along?

  2. David Panarelli Avatar
    David Panarelli

    It's OK, Funtime Ben. We're all waiting with breath that is baited. Here's to a blossoming Tree in '05!

  3. You're going to get coal you keep this up young lady!

    Thanks dave, keep DC in check in the new year! I like the blossoming tree visual… I'll get the art department on it immediately… _now where did I put the art department?_

    *AND* how long have my comments been looking like crap? I'll get the art IT department on it immediately… shit where is the IT department?!