And the Number 12 podcast is…

Big thanks to all the wonderful folks out there who have been giving me a vote at All your hard work and votes have brought me from being number 7 in the music casts to number 12 in the 50 best Podcast list! _ALRIGHT!_

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*Please send me a vote if you haven’t already. I really appreciate it!*

In other news I have found two new podcasts that have tickled my preverbal fancy.

“WHYME: Worst Music You’ve Ever Heard”: is the podcast of my pal Seth, who has come through on his promise to deliver a podcast by year end. It’s really very good and has all the markings of a NPR show. Seth and his wife have a really good repartee and seem comfortable in front of the microphone.

“Loft 405”: is a new Podcast that I can’t help but like. The host is so hilariously dorky that I listen with a permanent grin through the entire show. His laughs are collectors items, his demeanor is incredibly sweet, and anyone who owns and uses a *Flowbe* is alright by me.

Two great shows for the price of one!


6 responses to “And the Number 12 podcast is…”

  1. I voted. Can I get my “Kiss Me! I Voted” sticker now?

  2. You better freakin' believe it! Sticker and a big kiss! You rock brother man.

  3. Funtime Ben, Thanks for the shout out and listening to the show yo! Brooklyn in the hizzy!

  4. Wow! That's great news…it looks like you and I are about to have a little voting brawl! haha…

    Keep the great music flowing…
    Insomnia Radio

  5. Maybe you should have Josia on every podcast. You guys make a great team and he freaking rocks!

  6. Yeah, I'm with dutch: Keep Josiah around. This is a great show and it's awesome to see it in the top 10 now.