The New Gym

So I rejoined a gym after a very long time, right across the street from my new office. I’m excited to finally get back in shape and loose some of those summer pounds. Summer pounds? You heard me right, I put on some weight during the summer. I’m not sure if it was because I really did nothing summery all summer, or because I found out how much I love Netflix on demand with Rocky Road on demand, but I’ve got a spare tire the size of a spare tire.

Fo’ reals

The most depressing thing so far has been the calorie counting food log my temporary personal trainer is making me do. I say temporary because I really can’t see having a personal trainer for an extended period of time — the gym is expensive enough without having to pay a lady with a thick neck $160 additional a month. I write what I eat and the approximate calories. This has made eating food like a game of Battleship, where each carrot stick brings me closer to sinking my own… battleship. The unfortunate part it has made eating annoying. I don’t always want to do calculus every time I want put something in my mouth.

So as much as I would love to keep a lady on my beck and call, especially for those moments when I need to open a particularly stubborn jar of pickels, I think she’s history after the first month. Plus she might say something about the on demand Rocky Road.


One response to “The New Gym”

  1. Man , forget about paying for that personal trainer. Dress up as a teenager, grow some acne, and make a god damn video for MTV’s Made. They will get Tony Hawk to teach you how to do a back flip, cry a little, and you will get the illegal underage girl at the end of the show. Possibly some wash board abs.

    P.s. I would love to see some new episodes to the greatest music podcast on the internet